How Long Do Vape Mods Last?

How Long Do Vape Mods Last?Pin
How Long Do Vape Mods Last?Pin

Vaping mods can take your vaping experience to the next level. Say goodbye to the days of smoking disposable vapes that spit and leak after a week of use—vape mods on high-quality vapes can enhance your smoking experience and prolong the life of your vape. If you’re interested in vape mods, you could be making an initial investment anywhere between $30 to $120, with an additional $30 to $60 per month thereafter.

A vape mod is the bottom part of a vape, which houses the battery and other electrical components. The monthly cost mainly refers to the price of cartridge refills, and that will vary depending on how frequently you use your vape, the wattage level, and the quality of the products you purchase. How long vape mods actually last depend on a number of factors.

More About Vape Mods

Vape mods come with several components, each with its own average lifespan. For example, vape coils typically last four to seven days depending on the frequency of usage. Vape batteries vary in lifespan the most because higher-quality ones can be recharged. On a full charge, your battery can last up to seven days of regular use before needing a recharge. However, other factors (like using preheat mode) can wear down your battery. 

What is preheat mode? Preheat mode gives the oil an extra kick of heat before you begin smoking to soften it, resulting in a smoother inhale. However, this also uses more battery.

Generally speaking, most components will last between six and seven months before requiring replacement. High-quality equipment that is regularly maintained can last for up to a year.

How to Make Your Mods Last Longer

A year may not sound like a long time for equipment to last, but keep in mind how regularly you use your vape and mods. Anything frequently used will wear out faster, the same way as a pair of shoes would if you wore them for every occasion, every day. Luckily, there are ways to extend the life of the components of your mods.

TLC for Coils

You can prime your new coils by soaking the wick with e-liquid when you first install it, allowing you to use a lower wattage for the first few vapes. This preserves both your battery and allows you to get full use of the coil.

Regular Maintenance

Knowing how to clean a vape mod will save you money and preserve your mod. You can prolong the life of your vape mods by regularly cleaning your coils and keeping your tank filled.

Clean your coils with vinegar or warm water when you notice e-liquid build-up. This build-up can cause blockages and clogs, which can wear out your battery if you try to unclog them by increasing the wattage to heat the oil and suck. Cleaning and rinsing your coils can be done two times before you need to replace the coil because the wicks will gradually become less absorbent.

Make sure your tank is always filled, the same way you always want oil in the gasket of your car. As you run low on e-liquid, the wick will vaporize air and begin to burn. Not only is the taste terrible, but it burns your wick and will require you to change it more frequently.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Them

While it isn’t fun to shell out money for new parts, there are times when it is unavoidable. Mod components all have a shelf life, and when they expire, it’s best to invest in new equipment altogether. Here are a few signs it’s time to completely replace your vape mod gear:

  • Your device experiences delays: Older vape mods (a year or more) struggle to fire up when you press the fire button. It might take several attempts to produce substantial clouds. Your equipment is likely outdated and it’s time for something new.
  • You can’t find replacement parts: If you’re trying to replace minor components in your mod, such as the coils, but are struggling to find the right kind, your equipment may be outdated. Typically, manufacturers will slowly phase out certain parts in favor of newer designs and technology. It may be time to say farewell to your mod and invest in an entirely new one.

Long Live the Mods

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