What Is Preheat Mode on a Vape?

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TL;DR: Preheat Mode for Vapes 🌡️💨

  • Why Use It: Thins cold oil for smoother smoking & clears clogs.
  • Not Always Necessary: Be mindful with atomizers and oil cartridges.
  • Ideal for Thick Oils: Use preheat to gently warm dense oils.
  • Improved Airflow: Prevents and clears clogs for easy inhaling.
  • How To: Heat pen for 10 seconds, wait, then enjoy! 🚬👍

If you’re new to vaping, there are probably plenty of terms you’re hearing at your local smoke shop or online as you research.

There are mods for vaping, cartridges, and more.

While disposable vapes are as straightforward as smoking a standard electronic cigarette, as you peruse high-quality vapes, you’ll notice it’s not so simple.

Preheat mode, also known as preparation mode, warms your pen to thin the cold oil in your cartridge. This can create a smoother smoking experience and clear out clogs in the pen.

It isn’t always necessary, and there are many dos and don’ts when it comes to using atomizers (the component that mixes the vapor and flavors you get from your vape) with oil cartridges.

When You Should Use Preheat Mode

What Is Preheat Mode on a Vape?Pin

Whether you’re using a thicker oil or want better airflow on your vape, there are several reasons why you should use preheat mode on your vape.

Carts With Thicker Oil

Oil cartridges, also called carts, are typically filled with dense oils and extracts. Higher variable voltages can instantly heat the oil for a smoother smoking experience, but this can lead to burning through your oil faster than you normally would.

This is where the preheat option comes in. Simply heat your pen for ten seconds before dropping the oil, and wait a few more seconds. This will gradually increase the temperature of the oil.

Improved Airflow

It’s extremely common for thick oils to clog the cartridge, making it difficult to smoke. If you find yourself sucking on your pen with all your might and nothing is getting through, you likely have a clog on your hands. Follow the steps above to heat the oil and try again. You’ll feel the clog release once the oil is warm enough and it will be easier to inhale.

Additionally, the warm-up time can help clear clogs, which saves you time when you need to clean your vape. Clearing out clogs in other ways is difficult and time-consuming.

Cold Weather

Nothing is better than hitting your vape while in line for the ski lift or just stepping outside at night with some friends. However, when the temperatures drop, the oil in your cartridge thickens and needs more heat. It can almost feel like a clog because the oil isn’t properly vaporizing, and nothing comes out of the pen no matter how hard you suck. Just preheat the oil for ten to fifteen seconds and it will soften the oil.

The Downside of Preheating

Preheat mode isn’t necessary every time you vape. It really only enhances your smoking experience when used in the situations we’ve explained above, but it can result in a smoother inhale if your vape is already devoid of clogs.

However, preheat mode isn’t compatible with all atomizers. Ohms are the rating system used for coils and they measure electricity’s ability to travel freely. In short, lower Ohms produce more heat. While one Ohm atomizers are lower on the scale, atomizers with a resistance higher than one Ohm are not very popular.

You may also wonder if preheating impacts how long vape mods last

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