Doozy Vape Co E-Liquids, Vape Juice & Shortfills

Doozy Vape Co is a UK-based e-liquid manufacturer known for producing high-quality, premium vape juices with a wide range of flavours.

They cater to vapers with diverse preferences, offering e-liquids with various flavour profiles, such as fruity, dessert, candy, and menthol. Doozy Vape Co uses only the finest ingredients in their products, ensuring a consistently enjoyable vaping experience.

Their e-liquids come in various formats, including shortfills, nicotine salts, and standard e-liquids, and are designed to cater to both sub-ohm vapers and mouth-to-lung vapers. With a strong focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation, Doozy Vape Co has become a popular choice among vapers in the UK and beyond.

Nic Salts, Shortfills, 50/50 e-liquid. Doozy Vape Co does it all and this is part of the reason it is so very, very popular in the UK. I love its shortfill flavors and its 50/50 juice flavors are to die for. Doozy even does a disposable vape pen and it is one of our all-time faves. 

Essentially, whatever flavor or type of juice you’re looking for, Doozy Vape Co has you covered. It makes juice for MTL tanks, pod vapes, and sub-ohm tanks, effectively covering all the bases. But the best thing about Doozy Vape Co is its flavors – they’re incredible. 

Doozy Vape Juice Brands: Nic Salts & High VG Blends

Doozy Vape Juice

Here’s a quick overview of all the vape juice offered by Doozy Vape Co, covering its PG/VG ratios, type of nicotine, and which type of vape device it is best suited for.

Doozy Tropix Salts

Doozy Vape Co Nic Salt

Doozy Cocktail 50ml Shortfill

Doozy Vape Co Cool Collection 50ml Shortfill

Doozy Vape Co Desserts Collection 50ml Shortfill

Doozy Vape Co Seriously Nice 100ml Shortfill

Doozy Vape Co Sweet Treats 50ml Shortfill

Seriously Fruity by Doozy Vape 100ml Shortfill

Seriously Slushy by Doozy Vape 100ml Shortfill