Cheap E Juice That Doesn’t Taste Like ASS

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Can you buy decent, cheap e juice? Like ACTUALLY good, decent quality e juice? 

Most of the time, when something’s cheap it means it’s not likely to set your world on fire. This is the norm for technology, flights, clothes, wine and whiskey. When you book on a budget airline, for instance, you do not expect to wined and dined during the flight.

Similarly, if you paid $8 for a bottle of red, chances are it’ll taste like ass-flavoured vinegar. But does this now-assumed rule of capitalism apply to eJuice? Does it mean if you buy cheap, low-cost ejuice you’re getting fleeced or, worse still, potentially poisoning yourself with nasty, unchecked chemicals?

Yes and NO.

But there are exceptions to the rule, like when you buy a Polo shirt by Ralph Lauren. For all intents and purposes, this polo shirt is exactly the same as a polo shirt you can pick up in H&M for around £10.

BUT because it has the little Polo man on the right breast (or is it the left?) the one from Ralph Lauren costs three to four times more than the one from H&M.

THIS ladies and gentlemen is called “branding” – and there’s a fair amount of it going on in the world of vaping right now.

A lot of US firms charge a lot more than your average, independent ejuice maker and the reason for this is that they’re attempting to establish a premium brand, one like Apple or Ralph Lauren.

Fortunately, there are a BUNCH of very decent, non-brand-obsessed ejuice labs out there.

So, the short answer is, technically speaking, a resounding NO – very high quality, great tasting ejuice can be found at very reasonable prices online from reputable brands and retailers. It just takes a bit of looking to find them, which is why I decided to put this post together.

And now for the longer answer…

Cheap eJuice is everywhere. Hell, they even sell it in Tesco’s and Pharmacies these days. But you don’t want any of that stuff; like the $8 wine from the first paragraph, it too will probably taste like ass. These “over-the-counter” ejuice bottles are OK if you’re in a pinch, but not something you want to get into in a big way.

For starters, they’re incredibly harsh compared to proper ejuice. And second, a lot of the brands you find in corner shops and the like are hardly, well, reputable. Many are just attempting to cash in on the vaping train with little to no regard for flavour, ingredients and the scene in general.

Third, there are a MYRIAD of awesome independent vape labs in the US and UK, and all of them make super-amazing ejuice that is retailed almost at cost. Well, I say, cost, but what I mean is a fair price – do you really think it costs Suicide Bunny $20 to make a 30ml bottle of Mother’s Milk? Exactly.

Vaping isn’t like smoking. You need to stock up on juice so you’re never caught short. I buy in bulk, like, once a month. This means I always have juice and never really have to worry about running out. You can also use this time to research and find new vape labs to try –– we list our favourite discoveries in VapeBeat’s Guide To The Best EJuice In The World.

Best Cheap eJuice (That Isn’t AWFUL)

If you’re in the UK, one of the first places you’ll want to check out is Hodge’s HomeBrew. Here you can pick up a 100ml for £25 or a 30ml for £10 –– and if you buy three you get the fourth one free. I freaking love these guys and frequently send business their way. If you’re in the UK, you should too.

If you’re in the US – or the UK, and don’t mind paying for shipping – here are a bunch of other awesome vape labs, all with exceptionally low prices for the product on offer.

Happy Vaping, campers! Got you own suggestion? Bang ‘em in the comments section below.

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