THAT eCig Formaldehyde “Study” Is Complete RUBBISH

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Anyone who has looked into vaping or read up on ecig adoption during the past several years or so knows about this study. It is a seminal piece of work that looked to put a big nail in the coffin designed to bury ecigs once and for all. It claimed ecigs produced formaldehyde and were, in fact, worse for you than ACTUAL cigarettes.

You know the report I’m talking about because it was published EVERYWHERE. All the big media agencies ran it and, as usual, none thought to check the methodology or the science behind the findings. Thank God, then, for careful researchers like Clive Bates, a man most vapers should be very familiar with, who decided to take a closer look at these so called “studies” and their “findings”.

Basically, the study claimed that ejuice, when vaped at high temperatures, breaks down — i.e. when you get those gross dry hits — and turns into formaldehyde which, for obvious reasons, isn’t good for your health. Now, I agree: that does sound rather alarming. But here’s the rub — no one vapes at these types of temperatures. NO ONE.

“This experiment,” notes Clive Bates on his EXCELLENT Blog, “published in the New England Journal of Medicine, operated the vaping device at a such a high temperature that it produced thermal breakdown products (so-called dry puff conditions), but no user would ever be able to use it this way – the vapour would be too acrid.

They went on to calculate human cancer risk from these unrealistic machine measurements and presented the data in way that was bound to mislead, which it duly did and created a world-wide media storm. This was irresponsible science, careless publishing, and credulous journalism adversely changing the perceptions of the relative risks of smoking and vaping in a way that will cause harm. The paper should be retracted in its entirety.”

But the really alarming thing about all of this is that once people read such reports in their newspapers or on TV they will simply take them as gospel. No one questions the news. No one questions “science” when it comes out guns blazing for a cause, and this kind of trend actually keeps people smoking for longer because they become fearful of an ecig’s potential effects on their health, despite the fact vaping has been shown to be 95% safer than smoking.

Surely these medical, science types can read the same research as we do and make the same conclusions? Surely they want LESS people smoking? I mean, the solution is staring them right in the face and all they can counter it with is that vaping “might” encourage children to start vaping because the devices look cool and the flavours taste good!

Seriously, does this sound like madness to anyone else? You have to be 18 to vape in the UK — kids are not the problem, BUNK science is!