The Best Box Mods & Vape Mods 2017: 75W To 300W!


What Is The Best Box Mods You Can Buy? Below is a break-down of ALL the best box mod devices VapeBeat tested throughout 2017 [This List is UPDATED Regularly] What are the best box mods you can buy right now? That’s a good question. We get asked what the best box mod to buy is […]

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YES! You Can ACTUALLY Get Decent Vape Gear on Amazon

Genuine Coil Master Kbag Vape Carry Case Vaping Essential Kit Bag

You CAN get decent vape gear from Amazon Amazon isn’t known for being great for vape gear and you are almost certainly better off sending you business to a bespoke, online retailer like DIRECTVAPOR, VaporDNA and VaporBeast. With these guys you’re getting experience, quality service and you’re supporting the vape scene. These are all good […]

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The BEST RDA Tanks: Time To Get DRIPPIN’

Six Awesome RDA Tanks

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the best RDA tanks the VapeBeat team tested in 2016. RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer but these setups are sometimes called “drippers” — especially if you’re down with the kids, as we quite clearly are. But what are the best RDA tanks to buy […]

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All The Best DNA 200 Box-Mods In One PLACE


Everybody knows about the LAVABOX DNA 200 and the Vapor Shark DNA 200 but really these are just the tip of the iceberg. Dig a little deeper inside the world of vaping and you’ll see that there are TONS of mods available that use EVOLV’s awesome new DNA 200 chipset. But EVOLV’s DNA 200 isn’t […]

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12 AWESOME Vape T-Shirts You Need In Your Life

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 15.58.51

Looking for an AWESOME vape t-shirt? Look no further Vape T-Shirts like novelty t-shirts are everywhere. You see people wearing them at expos, on the street and in vape shops. And a lot of the time these t-shirts are designed and sold by people in the industry — people like you and me. And that […]

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7 Reasons The UWELL Crown Tank KICKS ASS


The UWELL Crown is EASILY one of the best vape tanks on the market right now — even if the UWELL Crown 2 is now official  Tanks. There’s a bunch to choose from, but every now and then you try one that simply blows you mind, and this is exactly what happened when I was […]

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4 AWESOME Sub-Ohm Tank Options For Beginners


What’s The Best Sub-Ohm Tank For Beginners This is a question that I get asked all too often. This is a hard question to answer when you factor everything that a sub-ohm tank has to offer. Is there a BEST sub-ohm tank? I don’t think so personally; they’re like cars in this respect — each is […]

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The Best Box Mod UK Edition: BEAST MODE Mods!


Box-Mods are the way forward if you like power, control and plenty of safety options. Like a BMW 530D with an M Sport package, these box-mods look awesome and are fiercely powerful. There are hundreds of vape brands out there vying for your attention and money. Hundreds. And this makes choosing a setup all the more […]

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