Arizer Vaporizer Discount Codes & Deals | You Gotta See These Offers!

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All The Best Arizer Discount Codes and Deals In One Place…

Arizer makes a whole slew of awesome vaporizer devices.

From desktop vaporizers to ultra-portable vaporizers, Arizer has something for everyone.

However, like most tabletop vaporizers, Arizer products aren’t cheap – and that sucks if you’re operating on a budget.

But there is hope… in the form of Arizer discount codes and deals – you just gotta know where to look.

Best Arizer Discount Codes & Deals | My #1 Picks Right Now…

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The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer (Was $199.99; Now $149.99) – It’s 75% Cheaper Than The Volcano…

I’ve spent quite a bit of money on vaporizers over the years, but I tend to hold off on my purchases until I find a good deal.

That way, I get what I want and save a bunch of cash in the process.

Right now, the best deals I have seen for Arizer Vaporizer products are over on VaporNation.

VaporNation also just happens to be one of my favorite places to shop for dry herb vapes (portable and desktop).

And when you see these deals, you’ll know why!

Arizer Discount Offers

As you can see, you can snap yourself up some pretty hefty savings – especially if you’re after a larger, desktop vaporizer like the Arizer Extreme Q.

Desktop vs Portable Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers are bigger, have more moving parts, and are, therefore, more expensive than the more portable counterparts.

Desktop vapes are also WAY more powerful than portable vaporizers, so you’re getting more engineering, more performance, and a way more satisfying experience.

The only downside is that you have to pay a premium for this.

This is why that Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer deal is so good – it’s a massive saving on one of the best desktop vaporizers on the planet.

It’s even included inside our Best Desktop Vaporizer Guide, just one place below the Volcano Vaporizer which is one of the best and most expensive devices on the market (it retails for $599.99).

Arizer Discount codesPin
The EPIC Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer 

Put in that context, the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is a very, very impressive deal – it’s basically just as good, but it retails for 75% less!

The Arizer Q Vaporizer is also a hybrid vaporizer too; that means it does both bags (whip) and allows you to take direct hits too. It also comes with a remote control for heat settings.

Bottomline: for $149.99, you’re getting A LOT of gear and that, for me, makes this one of the best vaporizer devices on the planet right now.

Even more so if you cannot stretch to $600 for the Volcano Vaporizer.

I think this would be an ideal first vaporizer for anyone that is keen on switching from burning to vaporizing their weed.

And everyone should be vaporizing their weed too; the health benefits alone are now well established.

So, yeah… quit burning your green and join the vaporizer revolution!

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