How to Use VooPoo Drag S: Beginner Tips & Tricks

How to Use VooPoo Drag S: Beginner Tips & TricksPin

I honestly believe that Drag S is one of the refined pod systems on the market, and it is worth the upgrade. Find out why!

The VooPoo Drag S is making waves in the world of vaping, and for good reason. With an array of impressive features and a sleek design vapes, it’s capturing the attention of both seasoned vapers and newcomers alike.

These devices brought something entirely new to the table – a Pod system that could crank out some serious wattage, unlike anything we’d seen before. But what really turned heads was how the Pod fit snugly onto the base, with a perfect 360. 

This is effortless to use, almost instant with the firing and feels accurate with the power. If you’re an avid fan of VooPoo, you should try this out. 

VooPoo Drag S Kit

VooPoo Drag SPin

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x DRAG S Device
  • 1 x PnP Pod (4.5ml)
  • 1 x PnP 0.2ohm coil
  • 1 x PnP 0.3ohm coil
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Kit size: 87 x 33 x 28 mm
  • Weighs: ~150g
  • Pod Liquid Capacity:  4.5ml
  • Battery: 2,500mAh internal
  • Power Range: 5 – 60w
  • Output Voltage: 3.2~4.2V
  • Material: Alloy & Leather / PCTG Pod
  • Resistance: 0.1~3.0Ω
  • Pod Connection: 360 degrees magnet
  • Coils = PnP (currently 9 available)
  • Charger = USB-C 5V/2A
  • New Gene.TT Chip

VooPoo Drag S Device

So, the Drag S, it’s pretty much the size of a single battery mod and tank setup, maybe even a tad smaller. When you’ve got the tank on, it comes in at 125.5mm tall, 28.8mm wide, and 34.5mm deep. Just the right size for an internal battery vape mod – not too bulky, but still comfortable to grip.

The leather feels great too, smooth with just the right amount of firmness and a bit of squish when you give it a squeeze. You’ve got “DRAG S” embossed in big letters on there. They offer six other colors, and most of them look pretty sweet. 

Drag S Mod

Let’s check out the mod’s buttons – VooPoo’s usual suspects. You’ve got the round fire button, the up button, and the down button. The fire button has a slight dip to it, making it a comfy fit for your thumb or finger.

Right in between those buttons, you’ll spot the 0.96″ TFT screen, and just below them, you’ll find the USB-C port.

Drag S Pod

Gone are the days of fussing over tiny details when you’re setting things up. The circular coil slides into the pod smoothly, and it doesn’t matter which way you turn it as long as the bottom’s at the bottom.

Then, when you pop the circular pod into the mod, you can do it at any angle. It’s that simple. Four magnets at the bottom of the pod create a surprisingly strong connection with the circular metal plate inside the mod. 

Compatible Coils

VooPoo Drag SPin

TPP-DM1 0.15Ω Coil

This coil is designed for power, with a recommended wattage range of 60-80W. When pushed to the max, at 80W, it delivers a warm and flavorful vape, although it can border on being a bit too hot. 

The battery tends to drain faster at this power level, so have your e-juice ready because it goes through it quickly. Interestingly, lowering the wattage to 70W doesn’t sacrifice much flavor, and it’s still a great vape with improved battery life.

TPP-DM4 0.30Ω Coil

This coil is all about balance, with a recommended wattage range of 32-40W. Surprisingly, it performs best at the upper end of the range, at 40W. Here, you’ll enjoy even better flavor compared to the 0.15Ω coil. 

The warmth is just right. If you’re up for some extra heat, you can switch the Drag S Pro into RBA mode and take it up to 50W. While it gets hot at this level, the flavor doesn’t see a significant improvement over 40W. So, for this coil, 40W is the sweet spot.


If you’ve got the Drag S and you’re aiming for the best experience, you’ll need to grab some MTL coils because the ones included aren’t designed for that. Even without those MTL coils, 

Here’s what you can do: Close the airflow all the way down and lower the wattage on your 0.30Ω coil for a little test spin. Honestly, even with a coil meant for DTL vaping, it surprisingly gives you a pretty good MTL experience. You can comfortably use this coil for MTL vaping at 32W.

How to Fill and Change VooPoo Drag S Coils

The kit does not include a pre-installed coil. To swap out the coil, follow these steps:

  • Remove the pod from the top of the mod.
  • Invert the pod.
  • Extract the coil from the pod’s bottom.
  • Insert a new coil into the pod’s base and firmly secure it.
  • Fill the pod and let it stand upright for 5 minutes before using the new coil.
VooPoo Drag SPin

Here’s a helpful tip: Prior to inserting a coil while the pod is upside down, inspect the joint. Any liquid above that joint will leak when you remove the coil. If you’re uncertain about the joint’s location, ensure that the liquid doesn’t come into contact with the coil to prevent any spillage or loss of liquid.

Now, here how to fill the VooPoo Drag S Pod: 

  • Remove the pod from the mod.
  • Turn the pod upside down.
  • Lift the black silica gel plug.
  • Pour liquid into the now open hole.
  • Reinsert the plug.

Buttons Made Easy: How to Navigate VooPoo Drag S

Button Operations

  • Power On/Off: Press the fire button five times.
  • Clear Puff Count: Simultaneously press the fire button and the ‘–’ (down) button.
  • Lock/Unlock: Simultaneously press the Fire button and the ‘+’ (up) button.
  • Mode Switching: Quickly press the fire button three times.
  • Enter Clock Interface: Simultaneously press the fire button, ‘+,’ and ‘–’ buttons.
  • Enter Puff Main Interface: Simultaneously press the ‘+’ and ‘–’ buttons.

Inside the Clock Interface

  • Change the number: Press the ‘+’ or ‘–’ buttons.
  • Move the cursor between minutes and hours: Press the fire button.
  • Save and Exit: Press and hold the fire button.

Inside the Puff Main Interface

  • View the recorded daily suction total for the last 14 days: Use the ‘+’ or ‘–’ buttons to navigate through days.
  • Display Chip ID Interface: Briefly press the fire button.
  • Exit Puff Main Interface: Press and hold the fire button for 2 seconds.

Voopoo DRAG S Modes

  • Smart Mode (for PnP Coils – any setting except RBA Mode): Identifies the best power for the coil and prevents the VW from going too high for the coil to prevent burning it out. The mode setting indicator is displayed at the top left corner of the screen.
  • RBA Mode (For RBA coil or full control over power settings): Allows any power setting and deactivates max power protection. The mode setting indicator is displayed at the top left corner of the screen.
  • P & A: Press the fire button or draw activation to fire (only available in Smart mode, and the indicator displays on the right side below the lock icon).
  • Press: Press the fire button only to fire (indicator displays on the right side below the lock icon).

Battery Performance

The battery size has received a boost, going from the original 2500mAh to a solid 3000mAh. You’ll also appreciate the higher maximum wattage, now reaching 80 Watts compared to the previous 60 Watts. 

And guess what? The USB Type C charge port is back, and it offers a speedy charge rate of 5V/2.5A. That means you’ll be back in action quickly. But there’s more to it; this port also serves as a software upgrade point. 

It’s not just about getting the latest firmware but also gaining some extra functionality like Temperature mode. So, your Drag S is not just more powerful, but it’s also future-proofed with these upgrades.

VooPoo Drag SPin

The Drag S is a big step up from the original, and it’s clear that Voopoo is paying attention to user feedback for new features and updates. These changes have made the Drag S more efficient and user-friendly, with an even more intuitive GUI.

Don’t worry, if you are new to mod vapes, these device could walk you through.

I’ve got to say, VooPoo has done a great job with the Drag S . It’s an upgrade in several ways, offering a larger battery, increased wattage up to 80W, and the TPP X Pod tank. Plus, it looks fantastic and is an all-around solid mod.

So, what do you think? Are you considering getting one for yourself?

Voopoo DRAG S PnP-X Kit

The flavor is incredible, on all of its coil options, but to really get the best out of the PnP-X Pod Tank you’ll want to run it on the Drag S which is why I included this option as a kit and not a standalone tank, although you can buy the tank by itself if you wish. 

  • Amazing Flavor Production
  • Simple To Use
  • Comes With Drag S Mod
  • Ideal For Beginners
  • Easy To Manage and Maintain
Buy Now
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