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LOVE Vaping sent me a couple of E Juices for review, and I was very impressed by the flavours. This is my review of Love Vaping E Juice

One of the upshots of running a blog about vaping is that people send me E Juice. Lots of E Juice. And last week, I got a couple of bottles of E Juice from Love Vaping.

Love Vaping is a UK-based company and all of its E Juices are 100% compliant with the fascist TPD regulations that have been bestowed on the United Kingdom by its sinister overlords, AKA the EU.

This means, rather annoyingly, that if you buy anything bigger than a 10ml bottle of E Juice, it comes with a nicotine shot that you have to add to the E Juice to make up the strength to your desired level.

All E Juice bottles bigger than 10ml come as 0% nicotine, the nicotine shots add in the desired amount of nicotine, and, for the most part, it is a MASSIVE pain in the ass. It also creates more plastic bottles in the process, which is bad for the environment, and nicotine, by itself, is not usually something you want to mess around with.

But the EU knows best…

Anyways! The flavours Love Vaping sent me were as follows:


  • I Love Desserts – Cinnamon Dough
  • Fried Cream Cakes – Strawberry

I like dessert-favoured E Juice, so right away I was already reasonably impressed with the haul. I also liked how Love Vaping points you to a helpful page on its site that tells you all about dealing with nicotine shots, so that you don’t accidentally kill yourself.

As for the E Juice, I liked both of them rather a lot. They were both gone within a week, sadly, but this is often the case with tasty E Juice. My favourite was the Fried Cream Cakes; I just preferred its subtlety over the more in-your-face Cinnamon Dough mix.

Two of the most anti-vaping people I know – my mother and my fiancee – both commented on how nice the Fried Cream Cakes smelled too, which is always a good sign. When this happens, I tend to stock up, as it means I can get away vaping in places that are usually off limits.

If you’re into desserts I would 100% recommend both these flavours, as they were both great, especially when vaped via an RDA, as you get the full gamut of notes contained within.

If you’re in the UK and don’t know about Love Vaping, do yourself a favour and check them out, as they have one of the best selections of E Juices I have seen so far – and it’s all quality s**t too.

ALSO – you can use the “VAPEBEAT10” code to get yourself a nice lil discount as well 😉

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