The UWELL Crown 3 is COMING: Specs & Features Detailed

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 05/02/17 •  3 min read

UWELL Crown 3 is COMING MY WAY! Read on for ALL the specs, features and 

I’m kind of excited: The UWELL Crown 3 is now winging its way to my house, so expect a review in the next couple of weeks!

The UWELL Crown, the original Crown, is still one of my all time favourite sub-ohm tanks. Granted, it’s now pretty old – and time is never kind to sub-ohm tanks – but the legacy of the original UWELL Crown will remain intact forever.

Like the original iPhone, the UWELL Crown was something of a game changer; it took what other tanks did and changed things around and made itself better. Flavour, clouds, design – everything was on point.

Sadly, though, like a lot of things UWELL has failed, so far, to match what it created with the original Crown. The Rafale wasn’t great and neither was the UWELL Crown 2 – though Nick did seem to enjoy his.

Point is: the UWELL Crown was loved by all, whereas the sub-ohm tanks released since have been, well, polarising to say the least.

Now It’s TIME For The UWELL Crown 3

Can the UWELL Crown 3 make up for these past mistakes? Can it be the new UWELL Crown and help UWELL regains its position as one of the preeminent sub-ohm tank brands in the vape space?

I just received my UWELL Crown 3 review unit. I also have one to give away as well, so stay tuned to VapeBeat’s FaceBook for more details on that soon.

uwell-crown-3 uwell-crown-3 uwell-crown-3

So what’s the craic with the UWELL Crown 3?

Quite a bit, actually: it’s got a new design, it comes in new colours and it now features switchable drip tips that are available in a range of colour options, and UWELL has improved the chimney design for less leaking and better heat insulation.

UWELL Crown 3

I really like the way it looks, so I am hoping it lives up to expectation in the flesh.

UWELL Crown 3 Specs & Features

Rather than prattle on about the UWELL Crown 3’s new specs and features, I’ve listed all the pertinent aspects below for your viewing pleasure.

UWELL has developed a new coil system. Hardly surprising after what happened with the UWELL Crown 2. This time around there can be no mistakes; performance and the longevity of the coils must be excellent.

UWELL Crown 3

I’ll also be keen to see whether UWELL can match SMOK’s TFV8/TFV12 series of sub-ohm tanks which, in my opinion, are the best sub-ohm tanks on the market right now.

The UWELL Crown came out at a time when options weren’t plentiful, but in 2017’s market the UWELL Crown 3 has A LOT of competition, competition from all segments of the market, so being simply good is no longer an option.

The UWELL Crown 3 needs to be exceptional in order to succeed in 2017.

Keep an eye on VapeBeat’s social feeds – Facebook & Instagram – for updates about the device when I’m using it and also for notifications about when the review’s live.

Pre-order prices for the UWELL Crown 3 range from $20 to $30, so expect to be paying around $25 once the tank is widely available.

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