JUUL Coupon Codes BANNED – Don’t Worry, You Can Still Save Money on Pods


Want to pay less for JUUL pods? You’re (kinda) in the right place, though you’ll need to step away from JUUL’s ecosystem… 

Longtime readers of VapeBeat will know that I have very little time for JUUL. As a vape, it’s OK. But that’s about it. Battery life sucks and it is hella expensive to run.

Plus, JUUL is doing ALL it can to ensure no one can offer coupon codes for its products. Hell, JUUL even closed down its affiliate program after getting bent over by the FDA.

Don’t Worry… You Don’t Need JUUL Coupons Anyway

If you want to save money on your JUUL Pods, you’re best bet – and what I ended up doing – is using third-party JUUL pods instead.

These pods are not made by JUUL, but they work with the JUUL. In fact, they’re actually bigger, come in more flavors, and are cheaper. And that’s what I like to call a TRIPLE WIN.

Right now, these are my current favorites for overall flavor and value for money:

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Why Doesn’t JUUL Do Coupon Codes (Or Sales, For That Matter!?) 

JUUL doesn’t do coupon codes per se.

Rather, it offers savings when you opt into its auto-shipping program.

15%, to be specific. And you HAVE to get them delivered every month.

Which is still kinda expensive.

So, yeah… that’s why I always recommend using cheap JUUL pods alternatives.

JUUL is Worth Billions of Dollars – It Doesn’t Need Coupon Sales

JUUL coupon codesPin

JUUL has massive demand for its vape kit and JUUL pods, so it doesn’t need to have things like flash sales and the like.

It is already struggling with demand.

Adding in more, with things like coupons and sales, would probably cripple the company’s already-stressed supply chain.

The JUUL is VERY popular right now.

It is a great little vape kit too, so I am not surprised by this at all.

It vapes brilliantly, is discreet, and the Nic-salt E Juice it runs is superb.

I use mine all the time, especially when driving or on nights out.

The Thing…. About JUUL

I do quite like JUUL. I really do. But there are some issues you should be aware of – and they’re both pretty significant.

  1. The first: the battery on the device is NOT great – not for heavy vapers.
  2. The second: JUULpods are VERY pricey for what they are.

JUUL is a closed system too, meaning you cannot use your own E Juice. Ever.

How JUUL AutoShip Works (And Saves You Money)

JUUL coupon codesPin

Pretty simple, really.

You sign up for JUUL pods to be auto shipped to your home.

This saves you 15% on ALL orders immediately.

And you get FREE SHIPPING.

Once you have confirmed what day you’d like them to ship, everything else is handled by JUUL.

Auto-ship essentially ensures you have a never-ending supply of JUUL pods.

And this is important because you definitely DO NOT want to be running out of JUULpods.

It’s happened to me a few times and, well… it isn’t fun.

Especially if you’re exclusively using JUUL.

How JUULpods Differ From Normal E Juice 

The cost might put you off; you might think it’s a big outlay each month.

But you have to remember this: JUULpods aren’t like your normal bottles of E Juice.

Nope – JUUL pods run on nic salts and this type of nicotine is A LOT more potent, meaning you actually vape less.

Nic Salts (read all about them in our Nic Salts Explained article) were developed by PAX Labs, the creator of JUUL, with one goal in mind:

Make the JUUL vape like a cigarette.

This means you vape it less, as you get more of a nicotine hit.

And this is why you don’t burn through JUUL pods like you do E Juice.

It’s also why JUUL is so popular right now!

Don’t worry: you can pause or cancel the order up to one day before it is dispatched.

Need Help? No problem.

We’ve helped millions of people get started with vaping. If you have any questions or just want plenty of actionable advice, hit the button below – it’s a direct line to Drake.

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