SKE Crystal Nic Salts 🔥

The UK's new and most popular vape juice is here – based on SKE's iconic disposable vape lineup
  • Better Flavor Than Disposables (Inc. Elf Bar & SKE Crystal Bar)
  • Perfect For MTL Tanks and Pod Vapes 
  • FREE & FAST Delivery In The UK

Choose Your Nicotine Strength:

Better Than Elf Bar, Cheaper Than Disposables & Perfect For Pod Vapes

Did you know that people that switch to refillable pod vapes spend around 300% less over a 12 month period than those that use disposable vapes? 


SKE Crystal Nic Salts

SKE Crystal Nic Salts Review

Find out what all the fuss is about with our team's in-depth review of SKE Crystal's nic salts range. 

SKE Crystal Nic Salts Flavors

Flavors make ALL the difference. SKE Crystal's are incredible, too good to miss. Here's all the current flavor options (and our personal favorites). 

SKE Crystal Nic Salts Nicotine Strength Guide

Do you want the maximum hit possible or something a little lighter? SKE Crystal has both options covered. 

It's TIME To Kick Your Disposable Vape Habit...


Disposables are expensive. Refillable vapes and vape juice are around 300% cheaper over a 12 month period


Pod vapes and MTL tanks deliver TONS more flavor than disposable vapes. They last longer too. And they create less e-waste.


Disposables are super unreliable. They always die when the shops are closed. This doesn't have with pods. You just recharge it!
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