Drake’s Vapes: Here’s My Full Vape Stack For 2024

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Drake Equation is the founder and editor of VapeBeat. He tests hundreds of vape products every year. But what kit does he actually use himself? Let’s find out…

My vape drawers are like a time capsule of experimentation. From starter kits to high-end mods, I’ve tested them all.

This constant cloud chasing has made me a bit of a vape guru (or at least that’s what my friends call me).

The one question that keeps popping up in my inbox? “Dude, what vape do YOU actually use?”

Look, I get it. Wading through endless vape reviews can be a total drag. So, I built this page to spill the beans on my current setup.

Consider it your shortcut to vaping nirvana, minus the trial and error!

Drake’s Current Daily Drivers

Drake's Vapes: Here's My Full Vape Stack For 2024

The Pod Vape

Vaporesso XROS Pro

The coils last weeks. The battery life is massively improved. It has the best MTL draw of any pod vape I’ve tested. If you use pods, this is the one to go for – it is 2024’s finest by a considerable margin.

Drake's Vapes: Here's My Full Vape Stack For 2024

The Vape Mod

VooPoo Drag 4

My go-to vape mod for 2024 is the VooPoo Drag 4. I’ve been running mine for 14+ months without a single issue too – always good!

Drake's Vapes: Here's My Full Vape Stack For 2024

The Juice (Nic Salts)

Cloud Nurdz Nic Salts

My go-to vape juice for the last 12 months has been Cloud Nurdz nic salts. I love this line of juices, so check them out if you haven’t already.

best disposable vape for beginners

The Disposable Vape


The flavors are immense and it’ll do 30000 puffs which is enough to get most vapers through a couple of weeks or so. On top of that, it is rechargeable too.

Drake's Vapes: Here's My Full Vape Stack For 2024

The Vape Tank (Sub-Ohm)

Freemax Fireluke 4

I tested the Freemax Fireluke 4 in 2023 and it blew me away. The coils are excellent, both for flavor and their lifespan. And it never leaks.

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