What Are Elf Bars? Here’s Why They’re So Popular Right Now

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Elf Bars – or Elf Bar vapes – are currently taking the vaping world by storm. Available globally in a range of different styles, Elf Bars are fast becoming the world’s most popular disposable vape… 

Elf Bar is a Chinese vape manufacturer that is best known for making disposable vapes. It also does refillable pod vapes but most users – or, more specifically – the vast majority of its sales (and profits) come from its disposable line of vapes, colloquially referred to as Elf Bars. 

What Are Elf Bars?

Elf Bar is the brand name, like Apple and Samsung with phones, and each of its disposable models, there’s a bloody lot of them these days, have a distinct model name associated with them like the Elf Bar BC5000 or the Elf Bar CR5000.

Each Elf Bar comes with slightly different features, either varying numbers of puffs or different types of flavors. 

Elf Bar has distribution in the USA, UK, and Europe but the company is based in China and is currently under plenty of scrutiny both for its brand name (Elf Bar is known as EBDESIGN in the US, following a copyright lawsuit) and the fact than minors tend to love its products. 

Still, things are going well for the company. It has grown massively in recent years, churning out tens of millions of units per month. Of course, there are some pretty major drawbacks to the disposable vape business model, the most pressing being the fact that they create, by their very nature, massive amounts of e-waste. 

This post will cover everything you need to know about Elf Bar, including its products, its future plans, and its current legal struggles both in the US and the UK. But first, we should probably cover off all the different types of Elf Bar vapes you can currently buy. 

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As I noted in the intro to this post, Elf Bar makes and sells A LOT of disposable vapes. Most places tend to carry its more popular (and, in some cases, more basic) options like the Elf Bar 600 which, as of right now, is one of the most popular disposable vapes in the UK. 

Here’s a full breakdown of all the Elf Bar vapes you can currently buy, complete with a brief description about how they’re different: 

  • ELF BAR Pi7000 Disposable Pod Device: This device features an e-liquid and battery indicator for easy monitoring.
  • ELF BAR CR5000 Disposable Pod Device: It has a crystal design, mesh coil, and Type-C charging capability.
  • ELF BAR CIGALIKE Disposable Pod Device: This device has an extremely slim profile and resembles a traditional cigarette. It comes in various flavors.
  • ELF BAR BC3000/3500/4000/5000 Disposable Pod Device: These devices come in various flavors and offer a convenient disposable pod system.
  • ELF BAR BC5000 ULTRA Disposable Pod Device: It utilizes QUAQ Tech and mesh coil technology to provide an ultra-tasting experience.
  • ELF BAR TE5000 Disposable Pod Device: It has fast activation, Quaq Mesh technology, and charging protection.
  • ELF BAR BC5000: This model offers a range of flavors in a disposable pod system.
  • ELF BAR 600: It provides classic ELFBAR taste, a colorful look, and a wide range of flavors.
  • ELF BAR LB5000 Disposable Pod Device: This device features a mesh coil, Type-C charging, and a 650mAh battery.
  • ELF BAR BC1600/2000 Disposable Pod Device: These pocket-sized devices come in contrast colors and offer 12 flavors.
  • ELF BAR NC600 Disposable Pod Device: It provides various flavors in a disposable pod system.
  • ELF BAR T600/T800 Disposable Pod Device: These models offer a range of flavors in a disposable pod system.
  • ELF BAR 2500/3500 Disposable Pod Device: These devices come in various flavors and offer a disposable pod system.
  • ELF BAR 2000 Disposable Pod Device: It features a dual coil and gradient appearance.
  • ELF BAR NC1800 Disposable Pod Device: It provides various flavors in a disposable pod system.
  • ELF BAR Lux Series Disposable Pod Device: These devices offer various flavors in a disposable pod system.
  • ELF BAR 800/1500 Disposable Pod Device: These devices provide various blended flavors in a disposable pod system.

Are Elf Bars Safe?

Because disposable vapes are becoming increasingly popular, both with ex-smokers and people that have never smoked before, there are now growing concerns over the safety of these types of vape devices.

When considering the safety of Elf Bars, it’s crucial to understand that like any other vaping device, their safety is primarily dependent on their authenticity. Genuine Elf Bar vapes, which are subject to rigorous safety protocols and compliance with regulatory standards, can be as safe as any other battery-powered vaping apparatus.

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This includes the embedded e-liquid, which, due to its enclosed nature, arguably maintains a higher degree of purity than e-liquids sold separately.

However, the scenario has evolved due to a trademark dispute leading to the removal of authentic Elf Bars from the market. This unfortunate development paved the way for an influx of counterfeit products looking to profit from the brand’s popularity.

The discourse surrounding the comparative safety of vaping versus smoking remains contentious in jurisdictions where vaping is permitted. It’s important to clarify that no vaping device, including Elf Bars, can be claimed to be entirely risk-free, nor can they be deemed safe for every individual. Nonetheless, procuring authentic Elf Bars and adopting responsible vaping practices can ensure their safety to a level equivalent to other disposable vaping devices.

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Not so long ago, disposable vapes used to be utterly useless. They tasted like garbage, were usually only found in gas stations, and they never lasted more than a few, water-downed beers. But then something changed. Off the back of the success of pod vapes, Chinese vape companies began experimenting with significantly improved disposable vape designs, ones that focussed on flavor and design. 

There have been hundreds of disposable vape brands rise and fall in the past few years, but Elf Bar is one that has remained popular with vapers and, unlike many of its competitors, it seems able to continually build on its popularity with vapers. 

Case in point: the hashtag #elfbar on TikTok has almost 2 billion views. Now, this has caused Elf Bar plenty of headaches over the years; advertising on social media (at younger people) is not kosher for a nicotine company and the rapid growth (and profitability) of Elf Bar has placed it squarely inside regulator’s crossheirs. 

Still, Elf Bar – unlike JUUL – is a Chinese company and, as most of now know all too well, China doesn’t play by the rules, so as long as it can get its products into the US, the UK, and Europe, it will continue to do so. And with its active (but totally unofficial) marketing campaigns on social media platforms, you can expect to be hearing more about Elf Bars on Fox News and the Mail Online in the coming weeks and months. 

All that aside, the main reason why Elf Bar is so popular is actually rather simple: it makes great disposable vapes, its flavors are very good, and it is constantly doing R&D on new products and also making improvements to its existing products.

This approach, which isn’t cheap to do, is one of the main reasons why Elf Bar, as a brand, remains so visible and popular. It makes the cash but it also reinvests it too, and the proof is in its ever-growing arsenal of products. 

For instance, earlier this year it introduced its new QUAQ coil technology which is not only better for flavor production but it also uses less power which means the products last longer without needing larger batteries. 

What is Elf Bar’s QUAQ Coil Technology? 

Developed through years of rigorous research and numerous iterations, QUAQ coils represent the pinnacle of atomization technology.

At its core, the QUAQ coil technology utilizes a Mesh Coil System. This system leverages high-precision technology to construct the MESH coil, increasing the wire diameter’s fineness by 23% and boosting the heat concentration by 17.5%. 

In addition, the coils use environmentally antibacterial non-woven fabrics and polymer food-grade oil-conducting fibers. This advancement bolsters the high-temperature resistance of the material by 22% and enhances the penetration rate of the e-liquid by 8.2%.

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In terms of the vaping experience, QUAQ coil technology truly shines. It delivers a more authentic flavor experience, with a flavor reproduction improvement of up to 45%. This enhancement is particularly noticeable in the high reduction ability of sweetness, aroma, and compound taste – where the reducing ability is increased by a striking 35%.

Elf Bar Vapes With QUAQ Coils

But QUAQ’s revolution doesn’t end there. The advanced MESH coil is fabricated from innovative material – high-precision heating wire. This material reduces power consumption by 24%, lessens the TPM value, and raises the utilization rate of e-liquid by 8.5%. The result is longer-lasting vapes and a potential boost in profits for businesses.

Consistency is key to a satisfying vaping experience, and QUAQ delivers this in spades. By harnessing high-precision medical industry instruments, the technology manufactures MESH coils with incredibly high precision. The tolerance of the coil is reduced to 0.02Ω (compared to the usual 0.1Ω), resulting in an impressive accuracy increase of 500%. This means a consistently original taste and joy, from the first puff to the last.

Safety is a paramount concern with QUAQ coil technology. It employs German food-grade SUS304 and food-grade silicone to offer users a more comfortable, and above all, safer vaping experience.

Elf Bar FAQs

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