How To Prime SMOK TFV 8 Coils PROPERLY

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There is a right way to prime SMOK TFV 8 coils and then there is a significantly BETTER way to prime SMOK TFV 8 coils

The SMOK TFV 8 is still one of my favorite go-to vape tanks, though to get the absolute best out of it, and save yourself a fortune on coils, you need to learn how to prime SMOK TFV 8 coils properly.

I don’t know where you bought your SMOK TFV 8 from but if it was a vape shop, chances are they told you to “prime the coils” before using it. This is good advice because not priming them is a sure fire way of burning out your coils in no time at all.

And at $10 to $15 a pack, you definitely do not want to be doing this.

I’ve been using the SMOK TFV 8 for AGES now, but I only recently happened on a new way of priming the coils. How did I discover this new method? Simple: I got pissed off when I burnt out two coils in the space of a couple of days.

I primed them as instructed, a few drips of juice onto the coil. I then loaded the tank up with juice and left it to rest and soak up the E Juice for 10 minutes. This is basically the way most people prime the SMOK TFV 8 as well as other sub-ohm tank coils.

But it’s wrong. And it doesn’t work that well. Sure, you might get lucky sometimes and it primes OK, but 7/10 your coil is going to die prematurely – especially if you run the SMOK TFV 8 at the advertised wattage settings.

SMOK TFV 8 Coils Burn Out Too Quickly

I have spent a good deal of money on SMOK TFV 8 coils over the past 18 months, more than I care to think about, and this got me thinking – is there some kind of conspiracy going on here? Is SMOK deliberately NOT telling us to prime its coils, so we end up buying more?

Perhaps, I thought. SMOK is a business, after all. It likes making money, and once it’s sold you a tank, it’s next revenue line is coils – lots and lots of coils.

Problem Solved?

After I burnt out two SMOK TFV 8 coils in the space of two days, I decided to sit down and think about the composition of the coil itself, what made it tick, and how it was designed. I drew three conclusions:

  • The coils are massive and densely packed with cotton
  • The coils sit on shelves for months before they’re used
  • Dry hits occur when cotton burns

Armed with this knowledge, I cracked open a new coil and tested my theory: I primed the shit out of that cotton, drenching it in E Juice and I continued to do this for two minutes or so.

You want to hold the coil in a tissue when you do this and apply the juice directly to the cotton, as shown below in the image:

How To Prime SMOK TFV 8 Coils PROPERLY

You know when the cotton is completely soaked because the exposed cotton on the side of the coil becomes sodden. When this happens, add a little more just to be sure, and then load her up on your mod and vape.

BOOM – perfect priming every time.

Why This Works?

The cotton inside the coil, as I mentioned earlier, is densely packed in. There is a ton of cotton jammed inside that thing, and you need to ensure that ALL of it is drenched in E Juice.

The cotton is also super dried out as well. Think about it: it’s vacuum sealed and has been sat on a shelf or in a warehouse for months on end. No wonder it’s drier than an Irish pub in Dubai.

I have tried this method with my last five coils and it has worked like a charm every single time. In fact, it has completely reinvigorated my love of the SMOK TFV 8, which for at least the last six months has been sat in my drawer collecting dust!

This doesn’t just apply to SMOK coils – though it will work on all of them – but also any sub-ohm tank that features big, multi-coil systems as well.

I tried it with UWELL Crown 3 coils, the Vaporesso ESTOK, and the Aspire Cleito and it worked a treat on all of them.

All you have to remember is that the cotton in any coil, big or small, is dry and compacted. It will take time to soak up the E Juice, so make sure you DRENCH it in the stuff!

The SMOK TFV 8 now plays second fiddle to the SMOK TFV 12 – check out our full, in-depth SMOK TFV 12 Cloud Beast KING Review for more details!