How To Wick The Griffin 25 RTA PROPERLY

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Have you been getting dry-hits on the Griffin 25 RTA? Here’s the solution to your problems

I got the Griffin 25 RTA a few weeks back. The RTA is a great set-up, but setting up and wicking it properly can be a tad fiddly, to say the least.

Once you have the Griffin 25 RTA set-up correctly it is one of the biggest and best hitters in the game, but you NEED to do it just right in order to get optimum performance out of it.

My first set-up was terrible. I got dry hit after dry hit, so I watched a few videos and read a few articles. My second attempt was better. Ditto the third. But every now and then I still got the occasional dry hit, which meant I was doing something wrong.

I bought a variety of different coils in a bid to remedy the issue, but I still kept getting the same results — moderate performance followed by dry-hits.

This was no good. I was getting pissed…

In one day, I did about five builds and still the same problem ensured.

I knew it was me, not the Griffin 25 RTA, that was at fault, so I decided to do more research.

And that was my morning; I watched tons of YouTube videos, looking for an answer — and eventually I found a solution that worked.

The video in question comes via Vape Riches and it details EXACTLY how to wick the Griffin 25 RTA for optimal performance. You can check it out in full below:

After taking heed of Mr. Riches advice, my Griffin 25 RTA turned into a different tank. The flavour was immense, the clouds sublime. And it was all down to how I was wicking it — and the type of cotton I used.

Proof, again, that YouTube is the best thing in the world!

The Griffin 25 RTA really is a slippery customer in this regard, though, and that really is just such a shame because once you do get it 100% right the flavour and clouds are just amazing.

Still, there are plenty of other RTA options available that are much easier to use.

I really hope this an issue that Griffin address on the next version, as I do really like everything else about this RTA. I can now get it set up right pretty much every time now, but it did take me a good few days to get the technique down and the annoying thing is that the technique itself doesn’t always work perfectly every time.

Another technique that works is as follows:

  • Remove the juice ring completely
  • Wick the coil as normal
  • Trim the wick so it’s flush with juice holes
  • Prime the wick and coil
  • Poke into place (keeping inside and just above juice hole)
  • Screw ring back on
  • Using a needle or poker, make a little hole on the side of the juice hole nearest the post. I use the SIM tray key for my iPhone for this.

This method has worked well for me, so if you’re not having much success with the video’s method, try this one and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

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