Best Mech Mods 2017: Unparalleled Power & Clouds


Best Mech Mod? Here’s VapeBeat’s Pick For 2016 A mech-mod is like a stripped down box-mod and they’re VERY popular with a lot of people. Here’s six of the best mech-mods you can buy… I LOVE a good box-mod. These types of units have been my go-to for, well, longer than I care to remember. […]

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The Best Vaping Subreddits on Reddit

If you don’t know about Reddit, you’re missing out on a veritable treasure trove of information. Let’s fix that today Reddit is perhaps one of the greatest things to ever happen on the internet. I use Reddit more than Google these days for literally everything – cooking, recipes, fitness, vaping and more. It has everything. Just […]

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6 Reasons Every Vaper NEEDS an RTA Tank In Their Life

Sense Herakles RTA

I’ve SEEN THE FUTURE and it was there ALL ALONG. Why You Need An RTA Tank In Your Life RIGHT NOW  You NEED an RTA tank in your life. You just don’t know it yet. RTA tanks and rebuilding coils might sound a bit, well, complicated. But in reality it isn’t. In fact, it’s really […]

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12 AWESOME Vape T-Shirts You Need In Your Life

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 15.58.51

Looking for an AWESOME vape t-shirt? Look no further Vape T-Shirts like novelty t-shirts are everywhere. You see people wearing them at expos, on the street and in vape shops. And a lot of the time these t-shirts are designed and sold by people in the industry — people like you and me. And that […]

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Three Great Books About Vaping You NEED To Read


Three Great Books about Vaping That Everyone Should Read Books about vaping? Seems like an odd subject matter, doesn’t it? I mean, you get books about books about books about Lord of The Rings and there are a myriad of options if blogging is your thing. But vaping? Books about VAPING? Surely not, right? WRONG. […]

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4 AWESOME Sub-Ohm Tank Options For Beginners


What’s The Best Sub-Ohm Tank For Beginners This is a question that I get asked all too often. This is a hard question to answer when you factor everything that a sub-ohm tank has to offer. Is there a BEST sub-ohm tank? I don’t think so personally; they’re like cars in this respect — each is […]

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The Best Box Mod UK Edition: BEAST MODE Mods!


Box-Mods are the way forward if you like power, control and plenty of safety options. Like a BMW 530D with an M Sport package, these box-mods look awesome and are fiercely powerful. There are hundreds of vape brands out there vying for your attention and money. Hundreds. And this makes choosing a setup all the more […]

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