The Foger ZERO is a Refillable “Disposable” Vape Designed By Vaporesso


The Foger ZERO is a refillable disposable vape device designed by Vaporesso and powered by Foger Eliquids

Thanks to a metric ton of innovation during the past couple of years, disposable vapes have gone from being completely useless to actually pretty good.

Modern disposable vapes are actually really, really good. I’ve tested hundreds in the past 18 months, and the vast majority were really, really good. The best ones, however, are listed here.

Refillable Disposable Vapes

Usually, a disposable vape is a one-time thing: you vape it until it runs out of vape juice or battery life. Then you throw it away. That’s it. That’s why they’re called disposable vapes.

But Foger and Vaporesso have come up with something a little different in the form of the Foger ZERO.

The Foger ZERO is a disposable vape but unlike 100% of the disposable vapes you can buy now, it can be refilled with Foger vape juice.

The battery is also rechargeable too, so I’m having trouble understanding HOW this thing is being marketed as a disposable vape.

To me, it just sounds and looks like a pod vape.

It has a battery, it can be recharged. It runs vape juice, and it is refillable. There’s nothing disposable about any of this.

Foger Vape Juice For The ZERO Pod

And if you know Foger, you know that it makes legit vape juice. And the Foger ZERO comes with a full range of flavors: Blue Razz, Aloe Grape, strawberry banana, pineapple ice, mint ice, strawberry ice cream, banana ice, sour apple, Lush ice, Raspberry watermelon.

Foger ZERO Specs

  • OMNI Board Mini
  • 7 to 12W Wattage Output
  • Draw Activated
  • Auto Temperature Control
  • 1.6ml PCTG Pod System
  • 1.0 ohm
  • Ceramic Cell Heating Material
  • Press to Fill System
  • 650mAh Rechargeable Battery

The Foger ZERO, thanks to its OMNI board chip, also has three vaping modes too:

  • High Default – 12.5W
  • Medium – 10.5W
  • Low – 9W

Essentially, what you’re getting here is one of the most advanced pod vapes to hit the market in the last couple of years. Vaporesso’s OMNI board is crazy-good and so too are Foger’s vape juices. I’m a big fan of both companies and I cannot wait to get my hands on this little beauty.

The Foger ZERO is available now, while stock lasts – prices start at $24.99 (down from $36.99)

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