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Keto Diet and Vaping: A Match Made In Heaven?


The Keto Diet and vaping really do go hand in hand when it comes to CRUSHING sugar cravings!

VapeBeat is about one thing and one thing only: VAPING.

We don’t do dieting advice, nor do we profess to know anything about them.

But I made a discovery a few months back and figured I’d share it with you guys.

Vaping and Keto 

I’ve been doing the ketogenic diet — or, keto, as it is more commonly known — for a few months now.

I won’t go into too much detail about the diet itself, suffice to say it is a low-carb one that champions high fat and moderate protein intake from foods derived from natural sources over refined carbohydrates and sugar.

You eat a lot of meat and vegetables and cheese and stuff like that, which suits me down to the ground because these are things I like A LOT.

But I do kind of have a sweet tooth and I do REALLY miss the occasional treat.

But you’re not really allowed lovely, sugary sweet things on this way of eating, as it defeats the object of the diet — your body needs to be in ketosis, using fat for energy vs sugar, in order for you to start losing body fat (getting into keto can take anything from a week to a couple of weeks).

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Getting over 50g of carbs in your diet will kick you right out of ketosis, and this stops the magic from happening.

You want your body to be using fat for fuel, as this, over time, reduces your overall body fat levels and weight.

But what about sweet things? Things like chocolate and candy?

They’re packed with sugar. Ditto fruits. And this means they’re a no-go for those on keto.

And to be 100% honest with you: the longer I’m in ketosis, the less I actually crave sweet things like candy, chocolate and cakes.

It still happens, sure, but most of these cravings can be handled with a spoonful of peanut butter.

I’ve always preferred savory snacks and foods over sweet things, but my GF, who is Kurdish, LOVES chocolate and sweet treats. She is also one of those people who can eat whatever they like and remain constantly fit and trim.

I am the complete opposite. Hand me a McDonalds and the next day I am four pounds heavier.

AND this, ladies and gents, is where vaping comes in handy – at least for me, anyway!

Keto Diet and Vaping (and Diet Coke)

Basically, whenever I CRAVE sweet things I just have a toot on a super surgery flavor E-Liquid like Candy Crunch, Muffin Man or something similar.

Usually, these aren’t my preference — I tend to go for cooler, fruitier flavors — but when I am craving chocolate or something equivalent I just have a can of Diet Coke and vape on some sweet ejuice.

I know, I know – diet Coke is terrible. But I only use it as my last resort.

More recently, I’ve managed to wean myself off the evil black stuff.

Although it wasn’t easy – Diet Coke is terribly addictive. It is also terrible for insulin response as well.

Scary Facts About Diet Soda

  • Aspartame – one of the most controversial things to ever be approved by the FDA. Over 90 side effects have been confirmed and include: headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, cancer and seizures to name just a few.
  • Weight Gain – “A study,” notes Natural Living Ideas, “listed by the American Diabetes Association, has shown a link between consuming diet sodas and having an increased waist size. In fact, those who drank diet sodas actually had a waist size of up to 70% greater than non-drinkers.”
  • High Blood Pressure – A single exposure to the chemical (aspartame) can have an immediate impact on your health health. BPA was found in the urine of participants within two hours of exposure. That’s bad. What’s worse is that blood pressure levels also rose dramatically within the same time period. Double bad.
  • Kidney Function – In a test, which took place over 20 years, nurses that drank two cans of diet soda a day experienced reduced kidney function at the end of the test period by up to 30%. Just from Diet Soda.

And this crap is an FDA-Approved chemical.

Still unsure what Keto is? Check out the science behind the diet in the handy video below:

There is a lot of information around keto online, and I am definitely not an expert in the field, though I have spent the last few years in and out of ketosis on a pretty regular basis.

I train most days, heavyweights and cardio, always fasted, and find that the keto lifestyle really agrees with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love carbs – they just make me gain weight incredibly fast, so I nixed them.

How Do You Get Into Keto? 

My preferred method of ensuring I am in ketosis is pretty simple:

I fast – don’t eat anything – for 24/48 hours.

This switches on the keto effect in your body, as you have nothing in your system for fuel, so body fat is used.

I like to do a really intensive workout the day before I start in order to empty my glycogen stores. Once I’ve done this, I do a fast, then eat strictly ketogenic foods for two to three weeks.

In this time, I can trim down my body fat by a decent chunk and retain almost all the muscle I have built.

A lot of people don’t like fasting, however, and I totally get that – it’s not the most pleasant thing you can do.

Keto Diet and Vaping: A Match Made In Heaven?Pin
Cool Infographic From The Awesome People @ KietDietBook

Best Online Keto Course – Jump Starting Your New Diet

Starting a new way of eating can be daunting. I know this because I have done it multiple times. I did vegetarian, vegan, then paleo… and finally keto.

It took a while to find what was right for me, personally, but I am now more or less 90% keto with the exception of when I’m drinking IPAs and eating pizzas (which happens about once a month).

In order to get started with keto, you’re definitely best off following a program. Why’s that? Simple: it outlines everything you need to do, eat, and what to expect. Basically, there’s no second-guessing. And that’s always a good thing.

Vaping and Keto – How It Helps

I still get cravings, sure, but they are mostly dispelled by a quick toot of something sweet.

Now, I’m not saying you NEED to start vaping if you don’t already do it — I’d never advocate that — but vaping can be very helpful in killing sugar cravings dead in their tracks if you’re already a seasoned vaper like myself and interested in adopting the keto lifestyle.

There’s a TON of information out there about the keto lifestyle, almost too much, to be frank, and this can be confusing.

That’s why a quick and affordable online course is the way to go. This way, you get all the info you’ll ever need from an expert in the field, saving you hours of time researching and watching stuff on YouTube.

Combined with regular visits to the gym, the results come thick and fast – it’s kind of crazy how well this style of eating works.

You will feel more alert, have better, more consistent energy levels, and feel, generally speaking, brilliant.

I would also 100% suggest you check out Primal Edge Health on YouTube – it is an excellent source of information.

Another great resource on keto is the keto subreddit on Reddit.

Join it, read it, live it – you won’t regret it, I promise!

Need Help? No Problem.

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