20mg Dinner Lady V800 Disposable Vape Pen 800 Puffs


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Bringing maximum flavour, power and convenience, the Dinner Lady V800 disposable vape pen is made for both new and experienced vapers in mind. Fuelled with a built-in 500mAh battery, each Dinner Lady V800 can deliver up to 800 puffs which lasts longer than a regular pack of cigarettes with the added benefits of never having to re-fill or recharge it. Pre-filled with 2ml of premium e-liquid, 18 flavours are available both Dinner Lady’s classic favourites as well as brand new ones for this range. The adjustable airflow control can create three types of cloud vapours during vaping allowing for stronger flavour to favour one’s style.

– Capacity: 2ml
– Nicotine Strength: 20mg (2%)
– Puffs: Up to 800 puffs
– Battery: 500mAh (Built-In Grade A Li-Ion)
– Ergonomic Mouthpiece
– Air Flow Control

Lemon Tart
The award-winning flavour that combines sweet notes of meringue with a butter biscuit crust.

Bubble Trouble
A bubblegum flavour that tastes like its straight out of a classic sweetshop.

Berry Blast
A magic mix of raspberries and cherries.

Strawberry Lemonade
A summer inspired vape of sweet strawberries and homebrewed lemonade that’s classic, refreshing.

Grape Vine
A sweet and punchy kick taste that combines ripe purple and red grapes.

Apple Sours
Blending together sweet apple with a punchy, sour finish.

Watermelon Chill
An iconic fusion of watermelon, honey melon and cantaloupe bound together over crushed ice.

Vanilla Tobacco
A rich and lightly sweetened flavour backed with subtle fresh tobacco tones.

Strawberry Watermelon
Freshly sliced watermelon combined honeydew, cantaloupe and succulent strawberries for mouth-watering results.

Cola Shades
Tasting like authentic cola with a twist of lemon as if served on the rocks.

Sun Tan Mango
A blend of unripe alphonso, honey mango and crushed ice for a tropical, icy exhale.

Original Tobacco
Captures the everyday, authentic taste of tobacco once inhaled.

Mint Menthol
Frozen fresh mint that blends with cooling menthol for a punchy vape that hits the spot.

Berry Tobacco
An inspired combination of smoky tobacco and rich, creamed berries.

Banana Ice
Blends together banana and vanilla with koolada for an icy exhale.

Triple Menthol
A smooth blend of menthol and eucalyptus.

Blueberry Lemonade
A sweet and tangy concoction of blueberry crushed on the rocks with homemade lemonade.

Black Orange Crush
Tastes like a concoction of blackcurrant and orange crushed over ice.

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