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Introducing Ohm Boy SLT Nic Salts: Elevate Your Vaping Experience!

If you’re searching for a range of exceptional 10mg Ohm Boy SLT Nic Salts that capture the most popular flavors on the market with a delightful twist, your search ends here. Ohm Boy SLT presents a collection that delivers a larger flavor punch, perfect for vapers seeking an upgraded experience from disposables.

Key Features:

  • Made In The UK: Crafted with precision and care, these Nic Salts boast the renowned quality of UK manufacturing.
  • 10mg Nicotine Salt: Enjoy a smooth yet satisfying nicotine hit with every puff, providing the ultimate vaping pleasure.
  • 10ml Bottle: Conveniently packaged in 10ml bottles, ensuring you have your favorite flavors on hand at all times.
  • 50VG/50PG: The balanced VG/PG ratio ensures a perfect harmony of flavor, vapor production, and throat hit.
  • Designed for Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping, Pods & Starter Kits: Versatile and compatible with a variety of devices, making it suitable for every vaper.
  • Childproof Cap & Tamper Evident Seal: Safety is a top priority, and these Nic Salts are secured with childproof caps and tamper-evident seals.
  • Recyclable Bottle & Box: Ohm Boy SLT’s commitment to sustainability means the bottles and boxes can be easily recycled.
  • TPD Compliant: These Nic Salts adhere to all regulations set by the Tobacco Products Directive, ensuring a safe and standardized vaping experience.


  1. Apple Juice Ice: Indulge in the refreshing blend of sweet and crisp sour green apples, perfectly complemented by a strong icy finish. It’s an unbelievably realistic flavor that you have to try to believe!
  2. Cherry Ice: Experience the burst of juicy cherry flavor combined with a cool icy finish. The sweet-tart notes create a tantalizingly satisfying vape you’ll cherish.
  3. Mango Raspberry Ice: Savor the tropical taste of ripe mangoes paired with the sugary goodness of fresh raspberries. The signature icy note takes this flavor to new heights.
  4. Rhubarb Ice: Delight in the inviting British fruit flavor of rhubarb, balanced with a burst of ice for a perfectly nuanced finish. It’s a taste that must be experienced.
  5. Mango Lychee Ice: Let the exotic taste of juicy lychee and ripe mango transport you to a tropical paradise. This mouth-watering combination will leave you craving for more.
  6. Pineapple Strawberry Ice: Immerse yourself in a blend of sweet pineapple and ripe strawberries, topped with a refreshing exhale of ice. It’s a delightful taste of the tropics with a British twist.
  7. Apple Blackcurrant Ice: A bold fusion of juicy blackcurrant and ripe green apple, completed with a chilling ice sensation.
  8. Blue Raspberry Lemonade Ice: A unique mix of blueberries, sharp raspberries, and traditional cloudy lemonade, finished with an icy touch. This flavor stands out from the rest.
  9. Guava Mango Kiwi Ice: Transport yourself to a tropical beach with this exotic blend of guava, mango, and kiwi, topped with a cool breeze of ice.
  10. Peach Passion Fruit Ice: Ripe peaches meet tangy passion fruit, all wrapped up in a frosty embrace.
  11. Pink Lemonade Ice: Experience the sharpness of raspberry paired with a traditional-style cloudy lemonade, finished with a refreshing ice twist.

Ohm Boy SLT Vape Juice: Elevate Your Vaping Pleasure

Discover the world of Ohm Boy SLT, where exquisite flavors meet innovative nicotine salt technology. Each 10mg Nic Salt offers a rich and smooth vaping experience like no other. Made with precision in the UK, these exceptional blends are designed for Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping, Pods & Starter Kits, ensuring versatility and convenience for all vapers.

Don’t settle for ordinary vape liquids; choose Ohm Boy SLT for a truly elevated experience. Explore the delightful range of flavors that include Apple Juice Ice, Cherry Ice, Mango Raspberry Ice, Rhubarb Ice, Mango Lychee Ice, Pineapple Strawberry Ice, Apple Blackcurrant Ice, Blue Raspberry Lemonade Ice, Guava Mango Kiwi Ice, Peach Passion Fruit Ice, and Pink Lemonade Ice.

Indulge in the goodness of Ohm Boy Nic Salts and experience a level of satisfaction that will keep you coming back for more. Try Ohm Boy SLT today and elevate your vaping journey!

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