Dinner Lady E-Liquid Review: I FREAKIN’ LOVE This Stuff!

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Dinner Lady E-Liquid is awesome, tasty and served up in well designed packaging. You NEED this stuff in your life

Dinner Lady E-Liquid. Yep, the name’s odd but this lineup of e-liquid is VERY impressive, indeed.

VapeBeat gets sent a lot of e juice to review. The good stuff ends up on our Best E Liquid feature, the bad in our recycling bin. But some stuff is so good it warrants a review all of its own. And the Dinner Lady E-Liquid line DEFINITELY falls into the latter category.

Dinner Lady is a UK company and they pride themselves on producing the finest quality e-liquids known to man. Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, Dinner Lady offer up a very slick overall package complete with excellent branding, a great website and extensive reseller network.

This stuff is probably some of the nicest E Juice I have ever tasted. I was sent a package awhile back, complete with TONS of accessories, including an apron, and was immediately impressed with the packaging and overall presentation of the product.

They push hard or Facebook and Instagram and seemingly have a lot of fans in the vaping space. I was lucky enough to get a sampler of Dinner Lady’s latest line of Dinner Lady E-Liquid, which I have no just polished off. I got through 150ml in just under two weeks. That’s a lot — but once you’ve tasted this stuff you’ll understand why. It is STUNNINGLY tasty.

I got through 150ml in just under two weeks. That’s a lot — but once you’ve tasted this stuff you’ll understand why. It is STUNNINGLY tasty.

Dinner Lady E-Liquid: The Line-Up

The emphasis here is desserts. The Dinner Lady E-Liquid line up I tested consisted of four flavours: Lemon Tart, Strawberry Custard, Cornflake Tart and Maple Waffle. All were sweet. All were all-day-vapes. And all of them are packaged in a beautifully designed bottle.

I get to test out a lot of e-juice. Normally, there are about 10-15 unopened bottles on my shelf at any one time. Normally, I find it hard to stick to one line of products — even when I’m reviewing them. This was not the case with Dinner Lady’s dessert-based line-up; I burned through them in record time and was sad when the last drop had gone.

Dinner Lady E-Liquid Review

The mix here is 70/30 VG/PG — the goldilocks’ mix, in my opinion — and the flavors are huge, expertly crafted affairs with so much detail you cannot help yourself for immediately going back for more. Sort of like when you’re eating a sundae; the sensation in your mouth and on your tongue just keeps you coming back for more.

My personal favorite was Cornflake Tart, which is was described as a sort of sweet cereal taste — it’s subtle, sweet and perfect to vape on all day long. I also really liked Strawberry Custard and Lemon Tart; the latter probably being my second favorite.

I had 30ml bottle sizes at 3MG of nicotine; again, the Goldilocks’s level for me. With 3MG of nicotine, you still get a hit but the flavor of the e-juice is not affected by the presence of nicotine. Once you’ve gone down to 3MG, anything higher just feels like overkill. Plus, I’m not prepared to sacrifice flavor for a better nicotine hit.

Dinner Lady E-Liquid: Who’s This For?

Basically, anyone that like sweet, premium e-liquids. I’ve tested a lot of brands in 2016 and Dinner Lady E-Liquid stands out at the very front. The flavors are soft and palatable, but immensely complex. They kind of dance on your tongue. And thanks to the 30% PG mix, there is a satisfying but, again, subtle throat hit making it an ideal choice for cloud chasers and novice vapers alike.

I ran all the flavors through sub-ohm tanks, RDAs, and RDTAs and the result were always the same: outstanding flavor, across the board. And the best thing about all of this is that Dinner Lady is a UK brand (normally UK E Juice lags WAY behind its US counterparts).

Dinner Lady E-Liquid: Where Can I Buy Some!?

Simple: if you’re in the UK you can pick up the entire line of flavors mentioned in this review from UK ECIG STORE.

They’re priced at £14.99 for 30ML (and now come in 10ML bottles, thanks to the PDD). And while that might sound a little pricey, this is easily one of the best lineups of e-juice we have tested in 2016, so it is definitely worth a look if you’re serious about trying out new flavors and brands.

In The US? You’re best bet is


Dinner Lady E-Liquid Review