This is Probably The World’s MOST Expensive Box-Mod

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Meet the Duke SX Stabwood Edition box mod by Vicious Ant, AKA the world’s MOST EXPENSIVE box-mod!

What’s the world’s most expensive box-mod? I don’t really know, if I’m 100% honest but the Duke SX Stabwood Edition box mod by Vicious Ant cannot be far off it — this beast costs £799.99.

There are only a handful of these mods being made, so it’s limited edition, and that means, if it is taken care of, it could appreciate in value — rare things often do. It looks pretty freaking stunning as well. I mean, just LOOK at it.

Duke SX Stabwood Edition

The Duke SX Stabwood Edition is powered by a bespoke SX350J V2 Mini Processor Programmed By Vicious Ant and its outer shell is made from stabilised hybrid wood that’s been imported from America — and, no, we have no idea what that is either.

Fortunately, we have Google at our disposal, so here’s a little explainer via North Woods Figured Woods: “The stabilising process uses a vacuum to remove all the air from the wood, replacing it with a heat activated resin that in turn forms a polymer backbone in pieces that would otherwise be too fragile to use. Additionally, resin of different colours and shades can be used to create various effects. When coloured resin penetrates wood, it results in unique colouring of the wood, artistically highlighting splendid natural grain figures.”

Available in a selection of colours, or, finishes, the Duke SX Stabwood Edition box mod is certainly one of the most eye-catching mods we’ve ever seen. I’d like to say that I have tried it, but, alas, I am not a millionaire so I have yet to have the pleasure, unfortunately.

Still, it’s specs and features sound pretty decent:

Duke SX Stabwood Edition Specs & Fearures

  • Dimensions: 47mm x 26mm x 78/88mm height
  • Requires 1 x 18650 Battery
  • Self-adjusting positive pin
  • Large soft click buttons
  • SX350J V2 Mini Processor Programmed By Vicious Ant
  • T7 aluminum frames L -frame
  • Stabilised Hybrid Wood Imported from America
  • Hand Polished and finished
  • Stainless steel emblem
  • Threaded battery caps with copper contacts

Each Duke SX Stabwood Edition is serialised, there’s only a few being made remember, and when they’re all sold they will, no doubt, become collectors items. If there is such a thing in the vapesphere…

As the name suggests, the Duke SX Stabwood Edition is based on the Duke SX, a mod that we have tried and also included in our Best Mods of 2016: UK Edition feature. This means you get A LOT of performance, a great set of features, support for things like TC and every mod of vaping you can think of, as well as a bunch of safety features.

But remember: you don’t have to spend a fortune on a mod to get excellent performance and features, as you can see inside our list of The Best Mods Under $100.

If anyone has one of these or has tested one out we’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, so let us know in the comments section below.

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