The Best Vape Brands (And Where To Find Them)

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The best vape brands every new vaper needs to know about

If you’re new to vaping you might feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer about of brands, products and jargon. How does one find the best vape brands amidst all this noise? 

It’s tricky and, more often then not, frustrating and confusing.

I know I was both frustrated and confused A LOT when I first started out on my vaping journey. 

Back when I started it was a little different, though. There weren’t as many brands vying for your custom and the technology was no way near as advanced as it is now.

Not all vape brands are created equally; some are a lot better than others – this goes doubly for E-Liquid.

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Separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, was the main reason I set VapeBeat up in the first place. I spent months and months and months and hundreds of dollars looking at, buying and making mistakes when trying to find the best gear and juice.

I didn’t want other people, new to vaping, to make the same mistake as I did, so I started VapeBeat – a place where we review and recommend only the best of the best. No exceptions.

Over the years we’ve been active, we’ve reviewed TONS of hardware and gallons of E-Liquid. The best of the best can usually be found in our A-List features:

Beyond this, however, there is a lot more to vaping than meets the eye. But knowing who the best brands, retailers and manufacturers are will go a long way to ensure when you do buy gear you always be legit, quality stuff with no surprises.

But first: where do we get all out gear from? Simple: the retailers listed below are our absolute Favourite Retailers:

Below are Team VapeBeat’s pick of the best vape brands in operation right now, so you know what to look for next time you go shopping.


Vaporesso Tarot Pro

Vaporesso is well known in the industry, but if you’re new to vaping you might have missed them.

Let’s remedy that now. Vaporesso is easily one of the most innovative brands in the vaping world. The company produces stunning mods and tanks – some of the best in the business, in fact.

Whether you’re after a potent, high-end mod or a cost-effective starter kit, Vaporesso has you covered. Check our our reviews of some of its latest products below:

The company’s OMNI Board is one of the biggest things to hit vaping in ages. The chipset is jam-packed with features, things like advanced safety options, advanced vape settings and tons more besides, make OMNI Board-powered mods truly EPIC vapes.

Everybody needs a little Vaporesso in their lives.

The Best Vape Brands: Pioneer4You

Pioneer4You or P4U is a well known hardware producer with excellent pedigree in the mod space. If you’re looking for a solid mod with plenty of features and excellent performance, you cannot go wrong with one from Pioneer4You.

We just tested Pioneer4You’s new iPV8 and it surpassed all our expectations. Nick gave it 9.5/10 – a very impressive score. Pioneer4You is a trusted, well established brand, so if you ever go with these guys you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Pioneer4You: Best Products & Notable Releases


The Best Vape Brands: Sigelei

Sigelei are most known for its mods. There have been some ups and downs throughout the years, but the company’s flagship mods have always impressed.

I used a couple of Sigelei’s mods back in the day and never has any issues with them at all. Sigelei is known for its excellent design, robust build quality and attention to details.


The revamped – and completely functional – Sigelei 213 is a great example of how a company, after a bit of a PR disaster, can bounce right back and silence its critics with a revised product that more than made up for the problems created by its predecessor.

Sigelei: Best Products & Notable Releases

The Best Vape Brands: SMOK

SMOK makes tanks and mods and is pretty accomplished in both fields. The company’s SMOK TFV8 is perhaps the best and most well known sub-ohm tank of 2016, a tank I used almost religiously for six months.

If you’re looking for versatility and enormous flavour and cloud, check out the SMOK TFV8.


SMOK has makes a lot of decent mods. As I said, SMOK is a jack of all trades in the vape space.

SMOK: Best Products & Notable Releases

The Best Vape Brands: Wismec

Wismec is probably my favourite brand in the vape space right now. The company’s mods have gone from strength to strength in the past 18 months and are easily my favourite to use on a regular basis.


The Reuleaux RX200S, Reuleaux 2/3 and Reuleaux DNA 200 are perhaps three of the finest mods ever created. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Wismec.

Wismec also makes tanks as well, which you can read more about inside our Best RTA Tanks feature.

Wismec: Best Products & Notable Releases

The Best Vape Brands: JoyeTech

Chipsets. Mods. Tanks. Starter kits – JoyeTech does it all… and it does it at a very high standard. JoyeTech chips are what powers the awesome Reuleaux RX200S and Reuleaux 2/3, to name but a few, and is easily one of the finest chipsets in operation today.


JoyeTech’s mods are also great, go-to setups for anyone that is looking for a cost-effective, high-performance mod. The Cuboid, for me, was the most impressive, stand-out mod the company has released to date. Partly because of the specs and features, but mostly because of the price.

Joyetech: Best Products & Notable Releases

The Best Vape Brands: Innokin

The Innokin MVP2 is where it all started for me. This was my first mod EVER. Prior to this I had a couple of crappy vape pens. For this reason, Innokin will always have a special place in my heart.

The company is now in the process of gearing up to release the Innokin MVP4 and, as you can see in the image below, it looks to be a pretty epic looking mod.


Innokin: Best Products & Notable Releases

The Best Vape Brands: VaporFi

VaporFi gets a bad rep because its hardware is expensive. But once you realise why it’s expensive, you start to appreciate and see the brand in an entirely new light.

ALL VaporFi hardware and E-Liquid is designed and manufactured in the US by US citizens. Nothing is made overseas. No cheap labour or parts are used. Everything from the build materials to the labor that creates them is premium-grade stuff.

You can read our review of VaporFi’s website and customer service by clicking this link.


When you buy VaporFi you’re not just supporting the company and help it make money. You’re also supporting the US economy and helping create and keep jobs in the country.

So next time you balk at the price of one of its mods, remember: this shit was designed and made in the good ol’ US of A by US people just like you and me.

VaporFi: Best Products & Notable Releases