FDA’s War on Vaping is SO STUPID Even The Mainstream Media Think It’s a BAD Idea

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The FDA’s war on vaping is SO STUPID that even the mainstream press is up in arms!

The FDA is out to ban vaping. Not its exact words, but that will likely be the net result should its now-announced Deeming Regulations arrive unscathed as a reality in a couple of years time.

This is very bad news for the vaping community, as around 98% of current models of vaping gear will be effectively illegal. What we will be left with is sub-par, cigarette-style ecigs and EVERYBODY knows they are absolutely rubbish.

Things like THIS!


They’re also predominantly made by Big Tobacco as well, which is sort of convenient given the only products affected by the FDA Deeming regulations are the good ones, from brands we all know and use. But this is pretty much par for the course in America. If you’re a Big Corporation, taking a crap on the little guy is all part of the fun, right?

Look at Monsanto. Look at Big Pharma. Look at Apple and Google not paying taxes. Look at McDonald’s advertising to kids. Look around you and all you’ll see is big corporations getting away with murder — this is happening across the board. Not just in America.

But as soon as something comes along that’s beneficial to people, something that reduces the amount of damage caused by smoking, year on year, as well as the strain on health services, the FDA — the people MEANT to be looking out for you — set about making rules to BAN IT. Honestly, you couldn’t make this shit up.

Even the mainstream press seems shocked by the FDA Deeming Regulations. Not that they should be, what with ALL their conflicting reports of exploding box-mods and people drinking E-Liquid. But at least they’re finally waking up to what’s at stake here, albeit at way past the 11th hour.

“The FDA wasn’t wrong to regulate e-cigarettes. It was wrong to effectively ban, by its own estimate, up to 98.5% of the e-cigarettes on the market today,” said USA Today.

It added, rather sensibly: “If the FDA can’t differentiate between responsible regulation and an effective ban, let me help: Reasonable rules institute vapor battery standards, marketing restrictions and a ban on sales to minors.”

Well said, guys. But where the hell were you in the run up to this thing?

Beyond this, I guess most people feel angry because what’s happened with these regulations appears to have happened inside a vacuum, without any input from, well, anybody that had a good thing to say about vaping or ecigs in general.

Where was the debate? Where are the facts? Why are they taking such a hardline on vaping? And if they can do it with vaping, what the hell is next? Are they going to try out prohibition again? Bring back eugenics? Because policy like this, without regard for the people it affects, which, I might add, include the general public, health services and small and large businesses, is nothing more than fascism with a smile.

But the big question is this? Is banning vaping like going to stop people doing it? The answer is simple: of course it bloody well isn’t — vaping is HUGE now and the community around it is not going anywhere. Like the war on drugs and the war on internet piracy and the war on terrorism, the FDA’s war on vaping will achieve nothing. All it will do is create a black market. It really is as simple as that.

You can’t BAN something millions of people want and are used to using. Look at Pirate Bay. Look at cocaine. Look at weed. Look at what happened during the Prohibition. Look around you and all you will see is the same people getting screwed over by the same people time and time again.

Same shit, different era.

Nice one, America.