6 Reasons Every Vaper NEEDS an RTA Tank In Their Life

Sense Herakles RTA

I’ve SEEN THE FUTURE and it was there ALL ALONG. Why You Need An RTA Tank In Your Life RIGHT NOW  You NEED an RTA tank in your life. You just don’t know it yet. RTA tanks and rebuilding coils might sound a bit, well, complicated. But in reality it isn’t. In fact, it’s really […]

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Sub-Ohm Tank, RTA, and RDA Tanks EXPLAINED

Arctic Turbo Review

Sub-Ohm Tank, RTA, and RDA tanks defined and explained In this article I will explain the differences between the RDA, Sub-Ohm Tank, and the RTA. These are your three basic tanks options when vaping. I use all three types, for instance, but with RTAs and RDAs, for instance, there is an associated learning curve, meaning […]

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