Dinner Lady E-Liquid Review: I FREAKIN’ LOVE This Stuff!

Dinner Lady E-Liquid Review

Dinner Lady E-Liquid is awesome, tasty and served up in well designed packaging. You NEED this stuff in your life Dinner Lady E-Liquid. Yep, the name’s odd but this lineup of e-liquid is VERY impressive, indeed. VapeBeat gets sent a lot of e juice to review. The good stuff ends up on our Best E Liquid […]

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The BEST E Juice Guide For 2017: The Finest Brands. Period

Mr. Good Vape Pistachio E-Liquid Flavor

E Juice — Only the absolute BEST E Juice and E Liquid makes it onto Vape Beat’s A-LIST The vaping community is growing at an unprecedented rate. Look around you –– more and more people are switching from cigarettes to vaping. This is a good thing. But what’s even better is the small, ferociously independent economy developing […]

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Motley Brew Remix E Juice Review: Big Flavour. Big LOVE!

Motley Brew Remix E Juice

Nick takes Motley Brew’s latest ejuice lineup, Motley Brew Remix, for a spin Motley Brew need little introduction in the vaping world. If you’ve been vaping awhile, chances are you’re already well aware of Motley Brew. But like most things in the vape world, Motley Brew is always looking to up the ante and this […]

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Best Way To Store E-Liquid: Plastic or Glass?


YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL WHEN STORING E-LIQUID IN PLASTIC BOTTLES FOR PROLONGED PERIODS OF TIME Glass is a classy container, plain and simple. It looks good on the shelf, feels good in your hand, and is available in a myriad of cool shapes and colours. While it’s the best material in the respect of […]

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