Aspire Cleito Review: As Good As The Herakles Plus

Aspire Cleito Vape Tank

The Aspire Cleito is cheap and easily one of best vape tanks around right now. If you’re looking for a new sub-ohm tank and do not want any disappointment, the Cleito is the way to go!  The Aspire Cleito is made by one of the most highly revered manufacturers in the industry and it as […]

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Aspire TRITON 2 Review: You NEED This Tank In Your LIFE

Aspire TRITON 2

Can the Aspire TRITON 2 top the original TRITON? Read our Aspire TRITION 2 Review to find out The Aspire TRITON was an aggressive-looking tank. Like an AMG-edition Mercedes, it just looked powerful, mean and dangerous. And I liked that about it — tanks are all so similar looking these days. It had go faster […]

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