RDA vs RDTA – What’s The Best Vape Tank Option?


Drake takes a look at two very specific types of vape tanks – RDA vs RDTA – in a bid to explain the virtues of both setups You’re here because you want to know the difference between an RDA and an RDTA. More specifically, you’re probably wondering which is the best, overall setup for performance, flavor, […]

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Sub-Ohm Tank, RTA, and RDA Tanks EXPLAINED

Arctic Turbo Review

Sub-Ohm Tank, RTA, and RDA tanks defined and explained In this article I will explain the differences between the RDA, Sub-Ohm Tank, and the RTA. These are your three basic tanks options when vaping. I use all three types, for instance, but with RTAs and RDAs, for instance, there is an associated learning curve, meaning […]

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