Best Vape Battery: How To Pick The Best Type of Battery

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What is the best vape battery for your mod? Is there a preferable type of battery to use in your mod? Does it ACTUALLY matter what type of battery I use in my mod?

These are all good questions and, more importantly, they are ALL questions you should have answers to before purchasing battery cells for your mod.

Why? Simple: the battery is by far the most crucial part of your device and the reason for this is because cheap batteries — and there are lots of these out there — can be dangerous.

And we’re all about safe vaping at VapeBeat.

Below you will find everything you need to know in order to select the best battery for mods as well as tips to keep it working in tip-top condition for the duration of its lifespan.

Best Vape Battery: Does size matter?

Yes — 100%, it matters.

Most mods will ONLY support certain sizes of battery. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you ONLY use the specified type and size of battery specified in the user manual.

Also — AVOID battery stacking at all costs. Stacking batteries increases the batteries voltage and can cause the batteries or the device to fail.

Best Vape Battery: Does brand matter?

Absolutely! Using an authentic battery from a reputable brand ensures your battery will operate safely and as intended within its rated specifications.

Your safety matters, so we recommend the following brands: Sony, Samsung, and LG. Using low quality batteries runs the risk of damaging your device and potentially injuring you and others. A little extra money spent on quality batteries can save a lot of money and headache in the long run.

You heard about exploding mods, right? Guess what was behind that. Yep: shite batteries.

THESE are the types of batteries you SHOULD be using

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 09.59.05

Looking for more mAh capacity but still want a decent CDR? You Should go with the below 3000 mAh 20A CDR batteries:

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.01.11

Best Vape Battery for Mods

What types are there and what should you use?

There are several lithium batteries on the market today but only a few suitable for vaping safely. Typically the three main types are ICR (LiCoO2 or LiCd) , IMR (LiMn), and Hybrid.

It has been established that IMR batteries use safer chemistry than ICR’s. This is why ICR’s are commonly sold with protection circuits.

Typically IMR batteries lack protection circuits and will allow higher amperage discharge rates compared to ICR’s and are much more suitable for low resistance builds or mechanical devices.

ICR’s although usually rated for a higher storage capacity (mAh) are often unable to safely deliver the amperage needed for high power, low resistance, or mechanical devices. Hybrid devices utilise safer chemistry than your average IMR battery while maintaining some of the increased storage capacity of an IMR.

For safety’s sake we recommend using either an IMR or Hybrid battery unless your device specifically instructs you to use a specific battery type.

Battery Ratings — Not All Battery Cells Are Created Equally

Lithium batteries are measured and rated by voltage, amperage and storage capacity. For vaping purposes all batteries in use are rated for a Voltage of 3.7v. This rating is the nominal or average voltage meaning the battery is considered fully charged at 4.2v and considered dead at 3.2v.

Then you have the Amperage rating which determines the maximum continuous discharge rate of the battery. This is can be measured a few ways but usually a number followed by either an “A” or a “C” (15C or 30A).

The storage capacity is measured in milliamp hours indicated by a number and “mAh” (2500mAh). The higher the mAh the longer your battery should last. It is absolutely crucial that you do not exceed the your batteries limits if you do it is most likely that your battery will fail possibly resulting in a fire, venting, other damage to your device, or worse yet it could injure you or someone else.

ALWAYS try to pick the best types of battery for your mods in order to avoid these sorts of failures.

Best Vape Battery: Battery Ratings & Coil Resistance

Now that you know about your battery ratings we need to know how to use the battery ratings with your atomizer coils resistance to ensure you’re vaping safely. If you do not know your resistance you can purchase an ohms reader almost anywhere vaping supplies are sold.

Now that we have your resistance in ohms as well as your voltage (“v”), your storage capacity or (“mAh”), and your Amperage rating in either (“A”) or (“C”), we can use these numbers to figure out the maximum continuous discharge of your battery and how much current your device will discharge.

If your battery has an “A” amperage rating then you already know your maximum continuous discharge. BUT, if your battery uses a “C” amperage rating you will need to convert the “C” rating into an “A” rating.

To do this is quite simple: take the battery’s “C” rating and multiply it by its storage capacity in mAh.

For example if your battery is rated 10C, this means the battery is rated for 10 times the capacity of the battery measured in amps. So a battery rated at 1600mAh equals 1.6 mAh — therefore, it will have a max continuous discharge rate of 10 X 1.6 = 16A.

Now that we know the continuous maximum discharge rate of the battery we need to figure out how much current your device discharges and is it at a rate that is safe to vape. We can then take your batteries amp rating. You can then take your batteries voltage (4.2v fully charged) and divide it by your atomizer or coils resistance to get your actual discharge rate.

Now compare the two. The current your device draws must be lower than your batteries amperage rating. For example 4.2v / 1ohms = 4.2A discharge rate while 4.2v / .5ohms = 8.4A. Remember your devices discharge rate must always be less than your batteries amp limit.

Best Vape Battery Charger

Of the several chargers available, the best and safest chargers are “smart chargers” — like this one!

Smart chargers typically have multiple charging modes, safety features like over-voltage protection, over-discharge protection. Aside from various safety features some also identify Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries and select the right charging mode for you.

It’s important not to overcharge your batteries above 4.25v or over discharge your batteries. Although most batteries for vaping can be discharged down to 2.8v or until they fail. For safety reasons it is never recommended to discharge them below 3.2v.

To keep your battery working properly as long as possible it is recommended not to discharge your battery below 3.3v doing so will diminish both your batteries capacity and number of charging cycles before it no longer useable.

Tips for Battery Safety

  • Always carry batteries in a battery case or your device.
  • Never carry or store your batteries loose or near metallic objects.
  • Always keep batteries dry and away from water.
  • Never expose your batteries to an open flame.
  • Visually inspect your batteries regularly. If the wrapper is damaged in any way DO NOT USE IT. It is important to either replace the battery or
  • take the battery to a shop to have it re-wrapped.
  • Do not overcharge or over discharge your batteries. If a batter has been over charged/discharged DO NOT USE IT and properly discard it.
  • Do not charge your batteries unattended or while sleeping.
  • Check on charging batteries periodically and remove them from the charger as soon as they finished charging.
  • Do not expose your battery extreme temperatures both heat and cold.
  • Properly recycle dead batteries.

Where To Buy The Best Vape Batteries?

As always, we like to give you lots of options when it comes to prices and retailers. When it comes to batteries, however, you’re best off sticking to solid, reliable and trusted retailers. For this reason, we STRONGLY recommend you ONLY use the following retailers, as we’ve personally vetted and continually use all of the below retailers:



Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 17.31.44


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