Best Way To Store E-Liquid: Plastic or Glass?


YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL WHEN STORING E-LIQUID IN PLASTIC BOTTLES FOR PROLONGED PERIODS OF TIME Glass is a classy container, plain and simple. It looks good on the shelf, feels good in your hand, and is available in a myriad of cool shapes and colours. While it’s the best material in the respect of […]

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Pioneer4You IPV5 200W: Specs & Features DETAILED

Pioneer4You IPV5 200W

Holy S**T! The Pioneer4You IPV5 200W is one good-looking box-mod. Not only does it go all the way to 200W and feature a raft of awesome technology designed to help your craft the ultimate vaping experience, the damn thing costs less than 80 bucks. Yep — 80 bucks. I’ve been rocking the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 for […]

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5 Ways Vaping Cured My Nicotine Addiction FOR GOOD

war on vaping

Yep – I am nicotine free and have been for a month. The reason I stopped smoking? Simple: vaping. Forget patches, gum or cold turkey. None of them work — well, at least they didn’t for me. Over the years I’d tried everything, even Alan Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking, but nothing seemed to […]

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The Vape Community Is THRIVING. Let’s Keep It That Way

The Vape Community Is THRIVING

Vape Community, #vapefam and #vapelife — they’re ALL popular slogans online and inside social media, but I’m honestly curious who’s out there? The internet’s a big place and there are now more people interested in vaping than ever before. The topic of ecigs and vaping is often discussed on the news, bringing the subject to […]

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Volcano LAVABOX DNA200

Check out the 200W Volcano LAVABOX DNA200 — a monster of a box-mod that’s looking to give Vapor Shark’s upcoming 200W mod a run for its money There’s a new player in town and they go by the name of Volcano. Apt really, since they’re based in Hawaii and their first box-mod, the LAVABOX DNA200, […]

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The Best Box Mod 2015 – 70W to 350W Setups

The Best Box Mod 2015 – 70W to 350W Setups

Best box mod? That’s what everybody wants… and if you’re looking for one that packs a SERIOUS punch, look no further –– these badboys range from 70W right up to 350W!!! A lot people –– including everyone at VB –– swear by box-mods. Not only do they look great, but they also have superior battery life, […]

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Celebs That Vape: Tom Hardy, Leonardo Dicaprio & Katy Perry

celebs that vape

Celebs that KICKED their smoking habits by embracing the VAPE Vaping is a revolution. It transcends race, religion, gender, age and status because for the first time it is now very possible to kick a seriously heavy smoking habit into touch. It’s painless, cheaper and better for your lungs and general well being. But until […]

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All The Best DNA 200 Box-Mods In One PLACE

Hana Modz V200

Everybody knows about the LAVABOX DNA 200 and the Vapor Shark DNA 200 but really these are just the tip of the iceberg. Dig a little deeper inside the world of vaping and you’ll see that there are TONS of mods available that use EVOLV’s awesome new DNA 200 chipset. Are you lost? Unsure what […]

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Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Review: One HELL of an UPDATE

Innokin iTaste MVP 3

Arguably the most famous of the box mods, the Innokin iTaste MVP 3 is now official and coming to a retailer near you very soon  Like Aspire and Kanger, Innokin is one of the biggest and most well known names in the vaping arena. It makes tanks and it makes box-mods and just about everything […]

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