Mission Statement

Vape Beat at its core is designed to bring you the latest news, reviews and features on what’s happening the vaping market space; to cut through the crap and point you in the direction of the best quality products money can buy, regardless of budgets; to champion the legions of dedicated people and companies that make the vaping community such a vibrant and interesting place; to de-mystify the jargon, technical specifications and lingo used by veteran users and point those looking to start vaping in the right direction towards the best products and best e-juice.

But above everything else, Vape Beat is a place for those who love vaping to connect and interact with other, similarly minded folk. Over the coming months we’ll be adding tons of new, community-facing features that will help us build the biggest and best vaping network on Earth. Millions of people have already kicked cigarettes in favour of vaping, an infinitely healthier and tastier alternative. Now it’s time to get the next billion on board.


The Vape Beat Team