The 4 BEST SMOK Mods You Can Buy [2024 Edition]

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What are the best SMOK mods you can buy right now? Good question – these are the best SMOK mods we’ve tested in the past 12 months…

Editor’s Pick For 2024

Smok IPX80 80W

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The Smok IPX80 80W is a pocket-sized powerhouse that’s ready for any adventure. This tough little pod mod laughs in the face of dust, water, and shocks with its IPX67 rating. Packing 80W of punch, it delivers MTL hits smoother than a fresh jar of skippy. Whether you’re conquering mountains or just your daily grind, the IPX80 is your trusty vaping companion.

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This little tank is tougher than a two-dollar steak. I’ve taken it everywhere from beach trips to mountain hikes, and it’s still kicking out flavor like it’s day one. The battery life is so good, I’m starting to think it runs on magic.

— Drake Equation, VapeBeat Editor

Why We Recommend It (PROS)

Durable IPX67 protection

Powerful 80W output

Tight airflow control for perfect MTL vaping

Lightning-fast firing speed

Long-lasting battery life

Best for Versatility

Smok RPM 100

The 4 BEST SMOK Mods You Can Buy [2024 Edition]Pin

The Smok RPM 100 Pod Vape Kit is perfect for both beginners and experienced vapers. This compact device delivers exceptional flavor and powerful performance, ensuring a satisfying experience every time. With its intuitive design and robust battery life, the RPM 100 is ideal for on-the-go use. Versatile and customizable, it allows you to tailor your vaping to your preferences. Its durable construction guarantees reliability and longevity. The RPM 100 offers unmatched convenience and top-notch performance, making it a must-have for any vaper.

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Talk about a flavor factory! I’ve been using the RPM 100 for weeks now, and it still surprises me with how crisp and clean every hit is. It’s so user-friendly, I’m pretty sure my grandma could figure it out – and she still uses a flip phone!

— Drake Equation, VapeBeat Editor

Why We Recommend It (PROS)

Exceptional Flavor: Advanced coil technology provides rich and full flavor.

Powerful Performance: High wattage capacity ensures a strong, consistent vape.

User-Friendly Design: Easy-to-navigate interface perfect for beginners.

Versatile Customization: Adjustable wattage and compatible with various coils.

Durable Construction: High-quality materials for long-lasting use.

Best for Battery Life


The 4 BEST SMOK Mods You Can Buy [2024 Edition]Pin

The SMOK MAG 18 230W Vape Kit is the Swiss Army knife of the vaping world, packing a punch that’ll make your taste buds do the cha-cha. This bad boy isn’t just for the pros – it’s a game-changer for newbies too! With its ergonomic grip and beefy tank, it fits in your hand like it was made for you (spoiler: it was). Whether you’re a cloud chaser or flavor fanatic, the MAG 18 has got your back with power that’ll make Thor jealous.

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Holy cloud chasers, Batman! This thing is a beast. The ergonomic design feels like it was molded to my hand, and the power output? Let’s just say I’m pretty sure I saw my neighbor’s curtains move when I took a hit.

— Drake Equation, VapeBeat Editor

Why We Recommend It (PROS)

Powerful 230W output for epic clouds

Ultra-ergonomic grip for comfortable all-day vaping

Versatile for both beginners and experienced vapers

Pocket-friendly design for on-the-go vaping

Huge tank capacity for less refilling, more puffing

Best For Portability

Smok Novo Master Box

Smok Novo Master BoxPin

With its beefy 1000mAh battery, this pocket-sized powerhouse keeps you puffing longer than your last Netflix binge. Whether you’re a flavor chaser or cloud enthusiast, the Novo Master’s got your back with its dual modes and adjustable airflow.

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This box is full of surprises! The customizable airflow is a game-changer – I can fine-tune my vape exactly how I like it. And let’s talk about that battery life – I swear it lasts longer than some of my relationships!

— Drake Equation, VapeBeat Editor

Why We Recommend It (PROS)

1050mAh battery for 8+ hours of continuous vaping

3 power modes (Soft, Standard, Powerful) for customized hits

Stepless airflow control for perfect MTL to DTL transition

Draw activation with 0.001s response time

2mL pod capacity for 400+ puffs per fill

Which SMOK Vape is Best?

Smok IPX80 80W Starter KitPin

Whether you’re a vaping newbie or a cloud-chasing veteran, Smok has a device that’s right for you. Let’s break it down by user type:

For The Adventure Seeker

If your idea of a good time involves scaling mountains or surfing waves, the IPX80 is your go-to. With its IPX67 rating, this little trooper laughs in the face of dust, water, and shock.

It’s the Bear Grylls of vape mods – rugged, reliable, and ready for anything.

For The Flavor Enthusiast

Are you the type who can detect subtle notes in your e-juice like a sommelier with wine? The RPM 100 is your flavor palace.

The 4 BEST SMOK Mods You Can Buy [2024 Edition]Pin

Its advanced coil system brings out every nuance in your favorite juices. It’s like having a gourmet chef for your taste buds.

For The Style Conscious

If you believe that vaping should be as much about style as substance, the Novo Master Box is your catwalk companion. Its unique box design turns heads faster than a celebrity sighting.

Smok Novo Master BoxPin

Plus, with its customizable airflow and dual modes, it’s not just a pretty face – it’s got the brains to match.

For the Power User

Do you dream in clouds? Is your idea of heaven a room filled with vapor? The MAG 18 is your ticket to vape nirvana. With 230W of power, it’s like strapping a jet engine to your lips.

The 4 BEST SMOK Mods You Can Buy [2024 Edition]Pin

But don’t let the power fool you – its ergonomic design means you can comfortably chuck clouds all day long.

Best For Beginners

While all these devices are user-friendly, we’d recommend the Smok Novo Master Box edition for absolute beginners. Its draw-activated firing and simple pod system make it a great entry point into the world of vaping.

Best All-Rounder

If you want a device that can do it all, the Smok RPM 100 Pod Vape Kit is your Swiss Army knife. It’s powerful enough for experienced vapers but simple enough for beginners, making it a great choice if you’re not sure what you need or if your vaping style varies day to day.

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The 4 BEST SMOK Mods You Can Buy [2024 Edition]Pin

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