Mech Mods: A Beginner’s Guide To Vaping With Mech Mods

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Mech Mods: A Beginner’s Guide To Everything You Need To Know About Getting Started Mech Mods

Mech Mods. Those beautiful, brutal beasts favoured by veterans, pros and cloud chasers.

If you’re into vaping for the long haul and love the more technical side of things – Ohm’s Law, coil building and the like – chances are you’ve flirted with the idea of a mech mod.

However, if you’re new to vaping, a mech mod is not something you simply go and buy and use. Far from it. Improper use of these types of devices is dangerous and can result in harm.

Basically – mech mods are not for noobs.

If you’re a noob, reading this, thinking, nah… I’ll be fine, don’t be a cocky asshole: do your research first, learn Ohm’s Law and don’t mess around with unregulated mods until you know EXACTLY what you’re dealing with.

I am a huge mech mod advocate. I love this style of vaping above all others. But it’s not for everyone. Take Drake, he is not interested in mech mod vaping in the slightest. He prefers a decent sub-ohm tank and a solid, high performance mod.

But that’s the cool thing about vaping: there’s something for everybody (and plenty of new areas to explore if you’re new).

This article is designed for those new to the concept of mech mods. Think of it as a primer on everything you need to know about mech mods with a couple of suggestions for decent setups – setups I use regularly and highly recommend.

Mech Mods: Introduction


When Mech Mods first were introduced into the vaping scene they were used by advanced and pro vapers. The reason? Once you understood how they worked, you were free to seriously customise your vaping experience.

Mech Mods were very unstable in the early stages as very few people using them actually had any basic knowledge of Ohm’s Law. And this is exactly what you don’t want, as this is where things can get dangerous.

These are unregulated; meaning there are no safety features: it’s just you, a battery and your tank. Get the power wrong for the battery and you could have an explosion on your hands (or in your face).

As the vaping scene grew, so too did the available knowledge about using the proper and correct method for using mech mods. YouTube views, web articles – information became easier to access.

What Is A Mech Mod?

A Mechanical Mod, or Mech Mod, as they’re now more commonly known, is a tube-style mod that, traditionally, consisted of just one single 18650 cell.

However, as if often the case in the vaping world, people were not content with this, so other, more potent setups and styles were developed.

The most common of which are as follows:

  • Tube – Single 18650
  • Tube – Dual Stacked 18650
  • Tube – 26650
  • Box – Dual 18650 in Series
  • Box – Dual 18650 in Parallel

Now, the Tube style has absolutely no safety at all. If you don’t know what you are doing then please don’t get a Tube Mech and try to vape… you’ll blow your face off.

The Box style Mech Mods tend to have one safety feature, a Mosfet switch, which basically KILLS the power if it detects a short, thereby ensuring nothing too nefarious happens.

Mech Mods: Best Mech Mod Starter Kits

With the vaping world advanced as it is and still advancing, there are some safer Mech Mods out for you to choose from.

If you’re brand new to mech mods, I’d go with a box mech mod; that way you get some safety features while you hone your craft.

I recently reviewed GeekVape’s Karma Kit and that is one hell of a setup. It’s a tube mod, but it is ideal for anyone that is serious about getting into the world of mech mods, as it has some built in safety features that are great for newbies.

karma-kit-geekvape karma-kit-geekvape karma-kit-geekvape

It’s also one of the best looking setups around right now. I cannot recommend this setup highly enough. It is brilliant and well priced.

Mech Mods: All The Kit You’ll Need To Vape Mech Mod-Style

Here is what you will need, to start your Mech Mod journey:

1). Knowledge and Understanding of Ohms Law
2). A coil building kit
3). An external battery charger
4). Your Mech Mod
5). Wire
6). Organic Cotton
7). Ohms Reader

Beyond this you will need some additional materials to build you coils, vape on and things to measure your builds on.

Below is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay for everything you will need to get started:

  • AV Abel – Authentic $250, Clone $45
  • RDA – Prices vary..Authentic $30- $200, Clone $10- $60
  • Battery – Average $15
  • Wire – Average $15 For 100ft
  • Organic Cotton – Average $1- $25
  • Battery Charger – $25
  • Ohms Reader – $10- $50
  • eLiquid – Average $5- $100

I buy almost all my gear from Coil Master. They’re a great company and stock tons of great products.

In the next section I will attempt to decipher the differences between Clones and Authentic models.

Mech Mods: Authentic vs Clone Vape Gear

This is a very touchy subject for a lot of vapers, as most people will say to stay away from clones. Although I do somewhat agree with this I still need to explain why some clones are worth getting.

Authentic Mech Mod

These are the best of the best and rightfully so. Being made with the best materials and hard tested to ensure usability is why Authentic vape gear is always the best option.

Bare in mind one thing, Authentic gear costs a lot of money, ranging from $100- $1500. But, again, it is made to the highest standards. Like a BMW vs. a 1980s station wagon.

Clone Mech Mods

Some are good and some are bad. Always check out a clone before buying one.

Know how they work, how they come apart, how clean everything is.

A solid clone will mimic its Authentic counter part exactly.

A few good clone options are as follows:

A good clone such as the AV Abel and Rig v2 are very decent setups. I’ve used both and can safely say they are decent enough for most vapers.

Mech Mod Vaping: What’s So Good About It?

Mech Mods provide a much better vaping experience by allowing you to fine tune your vaping to suit your own needs.

From building your own coils to your exact specifications to wicking with that perfect amount of cotton and being topped off with a vast array of RDA options with varying degrees of airflow the possibilities are virtually endless.

This is what draws a lot of people to Mech Mods, though you can experience most of these things simply buy going the RDA/RTA approach and using a regulated box mod.

Mech Mod: Some Takeaway, Key Points

  • Know and Understand Ohm’s Law (see our article on it here)
  • Understand and Practice Battery Safety (see our article for more information)
  • Know your limit and builds
  • Safety is the most important thing when going Mech

The next step for you, should you decide to give mech mod vaping a try, is choosing a mod to start with.

As I mentioned earlier, GeekVape’s Karma Kit is fantastic as it is simple to use, features some basic safety features, and, best of all, it looks brilliant.


If you want more options, check out our Best Mech Mods 2017 article.

Happy Vaping!