SMOK GX350 Review: Truly MASSIVE Battery Performance

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        Value For Money


          Ease of Use



            • Looks Great; Tons of Colour Options
            • TC & Power Mode Work Flawlessly
            • Solid Design
            • Easy To Use
            • MASSIVE Battery Life


            • Requires 4x18650 Cells
            • Battery Door Implementation
            • Display Could Be Brighter

            Nick takes the SMOK GX350 for a spin. But does the SMOK GX350 have what it takes to beat the SMOK ALIEN 220W? 

            SMOK is a very well known company throughout the vaping scene, thanks to its line of TFV tanks –the TFV 4, TFV 8, and the TFV 12 – and the ensuing mini, micro and baby versions of each.

            SMOK is also the company behind the SMOK ALIEN 220W, which is basically the hottest and biggest selling mod on the planet right now.

            Over 17,000 VapeBeat readers voted it their mod of choice for 2017.

            So, yes… SMOK’s doing pretty well at the moment.

            Today, we’re reviewing the SMOK GX350, which ships with the SMOK TFV 8 in most instances. We’ve already reviewed the SMOK TFV 8, however, so today we’ll be focussing exclusively on the mod.

            Is the SMOK GX350 any good? Does it trump the Alien 220W? Or are you better off going with something else entirely?

            Let’s find out, shall we?

            SMOK GX350 Review: Package & Design

            SMOK GX 350

            As usual, SMOK’s packing is on point. It looks good, with its flashy design and nice color palette, and ensures everything inside remains nice and safe.

            On the side of the box, you’ll find useful information about the mod’s specs, an authenticity code, and some information on the GX350 box mod itself.

            Removing the sleeve reveals the black box that has become the staple for all of SMOK’s products. Upon opening the box we are presented with the SMOK GX350 with the Smok TFV8 underneath.

            The kit includes:

            • SMOK GX350 mod
            • Smok TFV8
            • Spare Glass
            • Spare TFV8 parts
            • Smok Tank Rings
            • 0.15 Ohm Octuple coil
            • 0.15 Ohm

            As kits go, this is pretty decent. The mod looks great and you get a brilliant sub-ohm tank, complete with spare coils. The only real issue I have with it is that SMOK does not include the RDA deck, which means if you have to buy it separately.

            SMOK GX 350 SMOK GX 350

            So what about the SMOK GX350 itself? It’s a very pleasant-looking mod. I really dig the diamond shape with its rounded corners, as it fits great and comfortably in the hand.

            The screen is on top of the GX350, which is pretty novel, while the firing bar is on the side and, as you’d expect, is very easy to reach when you’re holding the mod.

            The battery door is loose but tightens right up once you put in the required four 18650 cells – that’s right: FOUR!

            On the inside of the battery door, you’ll find instructions – easy to follow instructions – on how to insert the batteries in the correct orientation, so as not to short the device out.

            The 510 connection easily accommodates attys up to 25mm diameter without any over hang what so ever, so this means pretty much any tank – be it an RDA, RDTA, RTA or sub-ohm setup – will sit very pretty atop the SMOK GX 350.

            SMOK GX 350 SMOK GX 350

            Going over the SMOK GX350 with my fine tooth comb I can say the 510 connection is smooth and the GX350 feels and looks solid. Par the course really, when you’re talking about SMOK products, though.

            The battery door is where my concern lies, however, as once I had inserted my 18650 cells and closed the battery door I noticed the door bowed out in the center ever so slightly.

            SMOK GX 350

            This causes the GX350 to rock very slightly when it’s resting on a table or a desk, for instance. Granted, this is not a total deal breaker by any stretch, but as a reviewer, it is my responsibility to point out anything untoward.

            SMOK GX350 Review: Performance

            With four 18650 cells fully charged and put into the device, I loaded up the TFV 8 and powered on the mod with 5 clicks. Once the coils were primed, I turned up the wattage to 135W using the 0.15 Octuple coil and vaped my face off.

            Power delivery is spot-on; there is barely any fire-delay at all. You hit it and you’re vaping. I got a very solid two days of near-heavy usage from a single charge, which is decent enough in my book.

            SMOK GX 350 SMOK GX 350

            Running in Temperature Control mode was refreshing as the GX350 did TC well. All the TC modes performed well and passed most of the dry cotton burn test. Basically, the TC works but it’s just not quite as sophisticated as YiHi and DNA-powered mods, though that’s kinda a given.

            The SMOK GX350 does feature a micro USB port, though is ONLY for firmware upgrades.

            At the time of writing, there were no firmware upgrades worth doing, really.

            One thing you need to factor in before buying this mod, however, is that it uses four cells – it won’t run off two, for instance, with reduced power.

            Batteries aren’t cheap, so, technically speaking, to run this mod like any other two-cell mod, you’d need to have EIGHT batteries (four in the mod; four charging) in order to have no downtime.

            This isn’t an issue for me, personally, but it is definitely something to consider if you don’t have lots of batteries laying around.

            SMOK GX350 Review: Final Thoughts

            The SMOK GX350 is an all round, solid performer in the wattage field and it also puts in a decent show when in TC mode. I love the way it looks and I also like that it’s available in TONS of colors.

            I do have some gripes though: The battery door issue needs to be fixed, ideally, so as to ensure the cells do not move; the display could definitely be brighter; and, finally, running four cells all the time isn’t exactly ideal.

            Having said that, battery life – when you’re running four cells – is very impressive, so if the cost of batteries is not a concern to you, then fill your boots!

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