NITECORE DigiCharger D4 Review: The BEST Charger For You Box Mod’s Batteries

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If you’re rocking a box-mod with a removable batteries you NEED a recharging device, and the NITECORE DigiCharger D4 is one of the best

The NITECORE DigiCharger D4 is a fairly unassuming piece of kit and it comes in a fairly unassuming box. It also has a relatively unassuming price tag of around £20-£30, depending on where you look, but do not be fooled by its boring exterior…

This little piece of kit is a must-have for anyone that uses rechargeable batteries in their box-mods and/or vape sticks. Or, anyone that has a lot of remotes and/or console controllers in their home because the NITECORE DigiCharger D4 will re-charge ALL of them.

I suffered for a month or so of charging my Cloupor Mini via USB, a god awful process which meant I never had any more than 30% charge at any one time. Not ideal for a heavy vaper. But this was my fault, I was unprepared –– I should have invested in one earlier. But  was stubborn. I thought I could just leave it charging all night… and then I heard about things exploding and decided against this.

I needed a battery charger, basically. But having never used one before, I was at a loss as to where to look –– or, indeed, what to look (read: Google) for. I asked around and put a few feelers out and the name I kept hearing back from people and contacts in the industry alike was: NITECORE DigiCharger D4.

I’ve been using one for about a month now, so it’s about time I got my thoughts in order and passed on a verdict on this awesome little charging machine.

NITECORE DigiCharger D4 Review: Design

It kind of looks a bit like something you might see in the Alien universe, a digital/analogue decoder, decked out in black and yellow, stuffed aboard one of the Weyland-Yutani’s corporations freight vessels. Needless to say, it looks retro as hell and this means it looks pretty cool. And if Weyland-Yutani chic isn’t your thing, well, there’s no cause for concern because it is so small it can be hid away from view pretty much anywhere.

NITECORE DigiCharger D4

Exact measurements for the charger are 143mm x 99mm x 36mm and it features four charging slots which can, thanks to their spring-loaded battery plates, accommodate four batteries of varying size, shape and gait at any one time.

The whole look, feel and composition of the DigiCharger D4 screams robustness. You can tell it’s a well put together piece of kit, one that will probably last you a decade or two, just by looking at it. Hell, it even travels well –– I recently took mine to New York and back.

NITECORE DigiCharger D4

Battery chargers aren’t one of the most glamorous things you’ll buy this year, but are a complete necessity for most vape enthusiasts these days. I’ve checked out a few chargers in the past few months and this one is by far and away my favourite. It’s PACKED with features and, for a battery charger, something that will, in 99.9% of cases, live under a desk collecting dust, it actually looks pretty cool.

NITECORE DigiCharger D4 Review: Specifications

The DigiCharger D4 is compatible with IMR / Li-ion / LiFePO4 of the following ilk: 26650, 22650, 18650, 18350, 18490, 18500, 17670, 17500, 14500, 10440, 16340. And it can also take Ni-MH / Ni-Cd in AA, AAA, AAAA and C sizes. Basically, if you have a rechargeable battery in your home and its cylindrically shaped, chances are this thing will charge it.

The NITECORE DigiCharger D4 is also a rather smart little charger too and is packed full of awesome features and quirks. It’ll run on 100 or 240VAC mains around the home and, when you’re travelling in the car or a van, 12VDC.

NITECORE DigiCharger D4 Review: Features

Inside the DigiCharger D4 is a microprocessor and while it might not be quite as smart as the one inside your mobile phone it can still pull off some pretty nifty tricks. The best though is that it can tell, as soon as you insert a battery, exactly what type of cell it is and how best to charge it and, importantly, when to stop, meaning no more over-charging issues –– like IMR batteries exploding, for instance –– when you leave it on all night.

NITECORE DigiCharger D4

The DigiCharger D4’s crystalline LCD display is another stand out feature for me. It’s legible in all types of light, can be switched off when you’re sleeping, and displays a wealth of information –– charging progress, battery type and voltage –– about what’s being done to your batteries. Furthermore, you can also keep track of how long a battery has been charging for and how much power it has used. Basically, everything you could want to know and more.

The DigiCharger D4 also knows when it is getting too hot thanks to its built in temperature monitoring system. It also features a pretty advanced heat dissipation mechanism, which means you can leave your batteries charging all night without fear of waking up inside a fiery inferno.

It also supports reverse polarity protection, meaning if you put the battery in the wrong way around it will simply tell you there is an error and will do nothing until this has been remedied.

NITECORE DigiCharger D4 Review: Verdict

This thing is AMAZING. If you’re in the market for a decent, cost-effective battery charger with plenty of useful features then do yourself a favour and buy the NITECORE DigiCharger D4 RIGHT NOW! You will not regret it.

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