NAKED 100 E Juice Review: Keeping It Simple & Tasty

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NAKED 100 E Juice Review – simple names, massive flavours, awesome E Juice. 

Naked 100 E Juice is a brand manufactured by the Schwartz eLiquid group which has a vision of fruity simple flavour profiles that require no hype.

The proof, says the company, is in the pudding – which in this case is the Naked 100 E Juice.

Today we are going to check out two of Naked 100’s E Juices: Hawaiian Pog and Green Blast.

Both promise to deliver exceptional flavour profiles, so without further ado let’s delve down into my review of NAKED 100 E Juice.

NAKED 100 E Juice Review: Hawaiian Pog

Do you ever want that island paradise, or maybe you have had that island paradise but you long for it again.

Hawaiian Pog captures the every delectable fruits found in this Pog E Juice; mellow pineapple, guava, and orange.

When taking a draw you will get a succulent mellow pineapple while on the exhale is where the perfectly blended guava and orange tantalise your taste buds with that sweet and tart finish leaving you wanting more.


Coming in a 60mL glass bottle that has a simple, yet elegant label is a nice added touch.

I used the Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast for my testing of this E Juice and I have to say….a very well mixed, well balanced fine tuned E Juice.

Running from 75W on up to 200W the Hawaiian Pog was supreme at 145W in the TFV8.

I got a rush of flavour and some clouds to finish it off. A great all day vape for those looking for a change to there regular all day vape.

You can up a 60ml bottle of Naked 100 Hawaiian Pog For $22.99 via VaporDNA.

NAKED 100 E Juice Review: Green Blast

A piquant E Juice experience that just may redefine the way you experience fruit flavoured E Juices.
A tart green apple, honeydew, and kiwi are what makes Green Blast, well, green.

This flavour combination will tantalise your tongue as the flavours mix and mingle.

The green apple note weighs in heavy on the inhale with a subtle hint of honeydew while the exhale gives you the smooth kiwi with more honeydew and some green apple in pockets.


Using an elegant label to round off this otherwise amazing E Juice will have you vaping like a rich man.

For the testing of the Green Blast by Naked I used the TFV8 Baby Beast.

Running the wattage range of 45W on up to 125W was heavenly for me.

I like all three of the flavours in Green Blast but together, they mash for that amazing flavour swirling around your taste buds that will most definitely have you wanting more.

You can up a 60ml bottle of Naked 100 Green Blast For $22.99 via VaporDNA.

NAKED 100 E Juice Review: Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Never had I had a flavour combination such as that of Naked’s.

They seem to have taken the best of a coloured group of fruits and mixed them well with each other to form what just may be perhaps a top 5 list E Juice line.

I would probably rate this E Juice right up there with ANML, and that’s a feat in itself.

Go and get you a bottle, or two….or even three.

You just might find a new all day everyday vape.

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