LAVABOX DNA 200 Review: Better Than The VaporShark DNA 200?

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            • DNA 200 Mods Cost More – But They're Worth It
            • Requires Skill To Master Escribe
            • Non-Removable Battery

            LAVABOX DNA 200 Review: Is The Hype Real?

            I’ve wanted a LAVABOX DNA 200 for just about as long as I can remember. Next to the VaporShark DNA 200 it is perhaps the most well known DNA 200 mod on market right now.

            I’ve heard TONS of good stuff about it as well, with the only negative claims seemingly targeted at its battery life — some say it isn’t great. But I also know you can now get a larger capacity version, so this kind of voids that criticism.

            Anyhow, I finally got my hands on one, so now we get to find out if ALL the hype surrounding the LAVABOX DNA 200 is true. Also, I’ll be taking a closer look at its battery performance and seeing whether those negative claims are actually issues.

            Read on to find out what I thought about the LAVABOX DNA 200.

            LAVABOX DNA 200 Review: Packaging

            The LAVABOX DNA 200 comes in a nice smooth black box. It’s sturdy and well put together, so it should survive shipping in mint condition. There is the usual information on the side of the box, specs and the usual guff, which nobody ever reads.

            Inside the box you’ll find a user manual, authenticity card, USB cable and power adapter and of course the STAR of the show, the BEAUTIFUL yet strong looking LAVABOX DNA 200. And, boy, is it an impressive looking mod.

            LAVABOX DNA 200 Review: Design

            The LAVABOX DNA 200 looks stunning. There’s no two ways about it — it just POPS. I freaking love this thing. It just looks so damn premium. As soon as you see it you KNOW where your money went.

            The LAVABOX DNA 200 is made from 6061 Billet Aluminium Shell and treated with a black anodisation process. This treatment gives the device an amplified resistance to corrosion and daily wear and tear. But it doesn’t end there. Oh no! Once the anodisation process has been completed, the body of the LAVABOX is then coated in a superior-grade oxidised black paint, which gives the device an textured, matte-feel which is excellent for grip.

            Chuck in some design flare, courtesy of its angular corner design and you really are looking at one of the best looking mods in the business. Period.

            The LAVABOX DNA 200 is now also available in BONE WHITE and, as you can see below, it looks bloody stunning!



            It also features a removable Grip Plate, of which there are many, many colour options, and this element reminds me of a gun grip. There is no rattle at all and everything fits together as though this is one solid piece of material — it really is executed superbly.


            This LAVABOX DNA 200 screams POWER and strength but unlike other mods in this category, mods that look like dull, black rectangles, the LAVABOX manages to do all this while looking absolutely stunning. Even my friends that don’t vape commented on how cool it looked. High praise, indeed. 

            LAVABOX DNA 200 Review: Specs and Features

            Although all DNA 200 mods share the same board, the LAVABOX adds in a few, unique USPs to the mix in order to make it stand out from the crowd even more. Here’s a breakdown of its key elements:

            LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod Features:

            • Material: Superior-Grade 6061-Aluminum Alloy
            • Grip Material: Rubber-coated Polypropylene Plastic
            • Variable Voltage / Wattage
            • Temperature Control / Limiting Capable
            • HD OLED Screen
            • EScribe with Upgradeable Firmware & 8 User Profiles
            • LAVABOX DNA 200 Review: Protection Features:
            • Over-Discharge
            • Under / Over Voltage
            • Short Circuit
            • Over-Current
            • Lock/Unlock Capable

            LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod Specs:

            • Threading: 510-connector
            • Connecting Pin: Spring-loaded & Gold-plated Stainless Steel
            • Power Output: 1 Watt ñ 200 Watts
            • Voltage Output: 0.5 Volts ñ 9.0 Volts
            • Chipset: EVOLVís DNA 200 Chipset
            • Software: EScribe (requires computer)
            • Dimensions: 46.19mm x 28.15mm x 94.87mm
            • Battery: Removable Lithium Polymer 900-mAh 3 Cell
            • Current Output (Continuous): 50 Amps
            • Current Output (Instantaneous Peak): 55 Amps
            • Temperature Limit: 200∞F – 600∞F
            • Grip Colours: Stealth Black (standard), Crimson Red, Azure Blue & Taffeta White

            LAVABOX DNA 200 Review: Battery Performance

            First let me start off by telling you that I am using the 900mAh 3S LiPo. I do plan on getting the 1300mAh 3S LiPo soon though. But for this review I am using the 900mAh 3S LiPo.

            After fully setting the LAVABOX up in Escribe, I can get a full day’s worth of vaping with the LAVABOX DNA running at 90W. I typically run 75W so after recharging and setting 75W as my power the LAVABOX, unsurprisingly, got me through the day once again with ease.

            Knock it down to 45-58W, however, and you’re looking at a day and a half easily.

            Those who I have seen complain about the battery of the LAVABOX only lasting 6hrs max either didn’t setup the LAVABOX correctly or are running it at 110+ wattage and chain vaping. The LAVABOX will get you through a day no problems, have no fear about that.

            The charge time is really quick too, with the provided wall adapter, meaning you can take it from more or less flat to 100% in just under two hours. Not bad. Not bad at all, especially, if you’re used to charging removable batteries like I am.

            LAVABOX DNA 200 Review: Performance

            Did the LAVABOX perform? You better believe it did — by the goddam bucket-load. I tossed RDAs, RTAs and Sub-Ohm Tanks at this thing and it didn’t even blink. Everything worked perfectly and vaped like a dream

            Not once did the LAVABOX get tired and ask for a break.


            Even when chain vaping the LAVABOX manages to keep its cool. Their is warmth, of course, but it is nothing like I’ve experienced on other mods. The Reuleaux RX 200 and SMY SDNA 200 both get hotter when chain vaping, and the latter of those is a DNA 200 mod itself. Another win for the LAVABOX.

            LAVABOX DNA 200 Review: Conclusion

            An exceptionally advanced, beautifully engineered device. The LAVABOX DNA 200 feel like the very pinnacle of vaping technology right now. I am BEYOND impressed by this thing. In fact, I’d even go as far as saying it is the only DNA 200 mod you should be bothering with in 2016 — and THAT is really saying something when you consider the Reuleaux DNA 200, SMY SDNA 200 and VaporShark DNA 200.

            If you’re a serious vapor and have been looking at getting a DNA 200 mod. Stop what you’re doing right now. You have found it. The LAVABOX DNA 200 is the BEST mod I have tested in the past 12 months. Bar none.


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