Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 Review: First Look & Initial Impressions

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Innokin has been a staple in the vape industry pretty much from the beginning. From its CLK series to the MVP and the Coolfire series; most people that vape have heard of Innokin.

Innokin has always been a trusted brand, too — it makes solid, functional gear that has proved popular with consumers en masse these past four years. And today we’re going to talking about the Innokin Coolfire IV TC100.

Innokin has never really gone in for REALLY high power mods, like Sigelei or VaporShark, but it has maintained its footing in the market through clever devices that cater to specific needs. Innokin is also very competitive when it comes to price as well.

Most people will remember the Innokin MVP 2 — one of the first actual box mods — but since then things have moved on and now the company’s flagship brand is its Coolfire line of mods. Here we’re going to be taking a look at the Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 in order to see if it lives up to ALL the hype surrounding it.

Also, this is just a first look/first impressions post; it’s not a full review, and I will be updating this piece with new information once I’ve had more time with the device.

Let’s have a look shall we.

Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 Review: Packaging

First thing I want to make a note of is the packaging just pops right out at you. On the front you are presented with a very nice picture of the device with the tank, complete with the Aethon chip logo.

Along the top of the cover you will see TC100 and the tank, iSub V. On the side of the sleeve there is a warning label, which contains all the usual health and safety nonsense. Opposite the warning label we see COOLFIRE IV TC100. The back of the sleeve has just about all the key specs for the device and the contents of the package itself.

After removing the sleeve you are then very nicely presented with a black box with Coolfire IV TC100 written in silver. When you open the magnetic flap you see a big Innokin logo and inside here lives the gorgeous Coolfire IV TC100, alongside the iSub V sub-ohm tank. Both inlaid in a tough protective foam. Lifting this reveals all the extras that you are given with this kit, which include:

  • Clear White Silicon Protective Sleeve for the Coolfire IV TC100
  • A White Charging Cable
  • A Spare Coil for the iSub V Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Extra Black Delrin Drip Tip
  • Spare O-rings
  • Innokin Vape Band
  • A Very Informative User Manual
  • A Sticker Sheet with 2 Innokin Logo Stickers.

It also features a useful guide leaflet, which I recommend you read in order to familiarise yourself with the mod, as it has some useful information.

Again, this is what I LOVE about Innokin; they always provide tons of useful stuff — information, spare parts, etc — that a lot of manufacturers simply leave out. And given the cost of this mod, it’s even more of a pleasant surprise. Simply outstanding stuff, indeed!

Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 Review: Design

Very eloquent design and some nice printings to go with it. Some curves to the Coolfire IV TC100 add to its overall looks and make holding the device very comfortable. The fire button is above screen which is bright and easy to read in the sunlight.

The adjustment buttons follow right under the screen and the USB charging port is at the bottom right under the adjustment buttons. On one side of the Coolfire IV TC100 you see a 3 pin stripe design that goes from top to bottom and located at the bottom you will notice a nice signature style plate with “COOLFIRE IV TC100” embossed on it.

Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 Review

Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 Review

On the opposite side you see two groups of small battery venting holes and located at the bottom of this same side we see “TC100”.

The screen gives you the ohms, the voltage, the wattage/temperature, battery bar, and puff time. All in all the Coolfire IV TC100 is a smooth and solid device.

Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 Review: Innokin iSub V Sub-Ohm Tank: Design

A rather basic design for a sub-ohm tank but it works for the iSub V. You Have a removable drip tip, top fill design which is very open and easy to fill. The bottom is where things got interesting for me. I unscrewed the bottom to check the coil and the base plate came off but the coil stayed intact.

The iSub V has a no spill coil swap system which is amazing. The coil itself is 510 threaded and it actually fires very fast. The airflow reminds me a little of the eGo One Mega sub-ohm tank but has the same amount of airflow as the Amor mini sub-ohm tank. Basic design but great form.

Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 + iSub V Review: Performance

As I stated in the beginning this is a first glance review. With that being said I have not had much time with the Coolfire IV TC100 kit to give a full on review. What I can do is give you my first day with it.

So, here is my first day with the Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 full kit:

After cleaning and drying the iSub V (its just good practice to clean any new tank), I made sure everything was tightened up on the iSub V and then filled the tank with ejuice and screwed the tank on the Coolfire IV TC100 and was presented with a cool little menu that asks if the coil is the same, Ni, Ti, SS.

Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 Review

I selected SS cause that’s what I have in the tank. After adjusting the temperature and the ramp-up wattage to my preference and about half way through the tank the coil started to break in. The clouds are quite decent for this tank and the flavour is right on par. The coil is rated for 30-60W and I found that 42.5W works wonders for me.

I have gone through 4 tanks of ejuice and still have yet to charge the Coolfire IV TC100, this is all right out of the box usage. I have about a quarter battery left right now and have been using this for about a day and a half. Mind you this is only a 3300mAh battery. So far so good. I will be updating this section with more information once I am done testing the Coolfire IV TC100 to its limit.

Coolfire IV TC100 and iSub V Tank Review: Performance & Battery

Using only the Coolfire IV TC100 and the iSub V tank together with the .5 ohm pre-installed coil and pumping out a smooth 47W The Coolfire IV TC100 gave me just over 2 days of vaping. I did actually run the battery down in close to a day in a half of moderate to heavy vaping using a combination of the Troll V2 RDA (dual twisted coil at .3ohm) and my Herakles RTA (dual coil at .35ohm) with a wattage of 80W.

So, either way you look at it, the Coolfire IV TC100 will get you at least a day of vaping. The Buttons on the Coolfire IV TC100 are very clicky with a good tactile feel. The 510 is very smooth on the devices and it reads every atomizer instantly, fast, and pretty accurate. The Temperature Control works as it should and that should be a major plus as there are devices on the market which can’t do the Temperature Control like it should be done.

The iSub V sub-ohm tank is a decent tank. Great wide open top fill, easy no spill coil swap, good airflow, very simple design that gets the job done. Using the .5ohm stainless steel coil is great because i was able to utilize the Temperature Control and wattage modes.

The coil performed like a champ and never once failed to give me good flavor and decent clouds, nor did the coil give me a dry hit in temperature control mode. The iSub V can actually be compared to the Amor mini which is saying a lot do to the Amor mini being a great tank in itself. Did the iSub V leak? No a single drop.

When I used the no spill coil swap I was expecting some leaking, I mean after all we were taking out the coil. No leaking from the tank. So, the coil and the tank both do their jobs and they performed very well. I did take the .5ohm SS coil up to 85W as i tried to find the dry hit zone. I actually found it at 80W but that was with chain vaping (1-2secs between puffs). So, all in all i would say the iSub V is a good tank.

Coolfire IV TC100 and iSub V Tank Review: Conclusion

If you are a beginner who wants the all-in-one package then this is the perfect one to get. I would even say to an advanced user who wants a good 100W device at a very affordable price to get the Coolfire IV TC100.

This devices only downfall is that is does not have a removable 18650, although the Coolfire IV 18650 does, so if that’s your thing you might want to pick one of those up instead. As a start-out unit, though, for those interested in vaping, the Coolfire IV TC100 is a great place to start!

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