The BEST E Juice Guide For 2017: The Finest Brands. Period

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E Juice — Only the absolute BEST E Juice and E Liquid makes it onto Vape Beat’s A-LIST

The vaping community is growing at an unprecedented rate. Look around you –– more and more people are switching from cigarettes to vaping. This is a good thing. But what’s even better is the small, ferociously independent economy developing around it in the form of vape labs, vape boutiques and vape cafes and bars.

But even if you’re no where near a vape shop it really doesn’t matter, as you can access decent gear on the web. I’ve lost count of the amount of different blends, brands and styles of ejuice I’ve tried in the past few years. But the ones that are included on this list are the ones that really stood out to me.

This isn’t just an arbitrary list of E Juice brands, either. These are all juices that the VapeBeat team have tried, vetted and grown to love. We don’t include all e-liquids we review on this list – just the best E Juice and nothing else.

If you’re looking for a new flavour or you’re getting bored of the selection in your local vape shop, give some of these brands a try – you will not be disappointed.

All the E-Juices on this list are manufactured to the highest standards in the US or Europe. They all use the best quality ingredients and are, as far as we’re concerned, the best options for anyone looking for absolute quality and piece of mind when vaping.

It’s nice when people take pride in what they do. Whether you’re talking about music, cars, technology or eliquid the same rule applies: the identity of a company (or brand, if you will) is carried in the DNA of its product, and here it is the little “things” that make all the difference. And when a company truly cares, deeply, about what they do it shows in the end result, the packing and, most importantly, how they deal with you, the customer.

This feature is designed to highlight the best in the business, the companies and people that TRULY deserve your money. Inside we’ll discuss at length our experiences testing the finest liquids from all over the world, detailing the companies and people behind them in order to create a directory of AWESOMENESS, which you can use again and again whenever you need to stock up on supplies.

We will be updating this article all the time, so please do check back regularly –– or watch for updates on Twitter and Facebook –– as we tend to get a lot of new juice in quite regularly nowadays.

The Best E Juice Brands You Can Buy RIGHT NOW


Generic Adult Sours E Liquid – $21.95 (60ML)


A 70VG/30Pg E Juice that is filled with pure delight. What we have here is the Generic Adult Sours Raspberry and I must say…this one is a bit different.

Just how different are we talking? Let us get on with this review and find out.

Here is where the whole Generic name comes in. You don’t have the flashy high quality printed labeled box that most E Juice manufacturers do. What we do have here is a very simple, easy to read white box. After all, it is what’s on the inside that matters most.

Upon opening the box and grabbing out the 60mL bottle we see the label being just as plain as the box itself. Again, this could be one of those it’s on the inside that matters most type of things, right?

Generic Adult Sours Raspberry

From the inhale you get a very amazing mouthful of freshly picked Raspberries that just seem to dance around your tongue. While the exhale leaves a tantalising yet refreshing after taste of sour fruit on the interior of the body flavor that will leave your palate with delight. With succulent notes abound, this E Juice is sure to delight your senses in a way most other E Juices cannot.

Starting with a RDA for that maximum effect I was overjoyed by the mass amount of that perfect spot on flavors. I have tried many raspberry juices and this one by far is the best. I also used my TFV8 Cloud Beast and the flavor was just as good. The clod production of this E Juice is comparable to a 80VG so at a 70VG that is really good. Flavor is definitely spot on.

One of the best raspberry E Juices I have tried so far. Flavor is spot on and cloud production is right up there with a higher VG juice. A solid E Juice that is a must try.

You Can Pick Up A 60ML Bottle of This Fine E-Juice From DirectVapor With FREE SHIPPING For $21.95


Limited Edition Series Vape Juice Bundle (150ML)


If you’re looking for an awesome selection of great-tasting E Juice, you need to check out VaporFi’s Limited Edition Series, as it is superb.

For $80, you get 180ml of premium E Juice spread over five bottles. I sampled this a few months back and it blew my socks off – it is easily one of the best Juice lines I tested in 2016.

This is what you get in the pack:

  • 1 30ML Bottle of Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie Crafted by Cosmic Fog
  • 1 30ML Bottle of Very Berry Slushie
  • 1 30ML Bottle of Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Crafted by Cosmic Fog
  • 1 30ML Bottle of Bites Vanilla Caramel Swirl
  • 1 30ML Bottle of Raspberry Mocha

VaporFi co-developed the Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream with Cosmic Fog and this flavour along with Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie were my favourites of the selection, though all are very moreish indeed.

Pick Yours Up Direct From VaporFi for $80 (Down From $90) Right Now



The BEST E Juice Guide: One Hit Wonder E-Juice

This stuff is wonderful. If there’s anything tastier on earth (well, inside the vaping space) the gods of vape kept it for themselves!


Here’s an extract from our review of this awesome E-Juice:

“Muffin Man is nice, but I actually prefer Milk Man, which is a strawberry-based, creamy juice that is just so goddamn tasty I could vape nothing else ever again and still be perfectly content. One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is definitely a brand to check out if you haven’t already.

If you haven’t tried them, I strongly suggest you check them out. One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is immensely popular with vapers these days and once you’ve tried it you will immediately know why!”



The BEST E Juice Guide: 120 Cream Pop by Mad Hatter

A timeless classic that is wrapped into a very delectable all day vape juice. Mad Hatters take on Cream Pop elevates a traditional Creamsicle pop that you will have to try! With orange surrounding the front note that provides a flavourful burst at the first draw, a smooth cream will creep around the body loading your taste buds with pure pleasure and nostalgia.

When 120 Cream Pop fades, you get a bold vanilla ice cream that invades the back note that will leave a lasting but undeniably delicious flavor. This is a must have for anyone who remembers and enjoyed those delicious orange ice cream pops growing up!


Using the Eagle RTA allowed me to try a variety of vaping wattages. Everything from 40W on up to 175W is where I tested 120 Cream Pop and this e-Juice is simply outstanding! At the lower wattages you will notice a sort of coolness that makes you feel as though it’s like having the creamsicle on a winter day nestled in your blanket.

The higher wattages is where the nostalgia kicks in, taking you back to those warm summer days of yore where you yearned for the sweet cooling sensation of a delicious creamsicle.

I only have one problem with 120 Cream Pop… I need more!



The BEST E Juice Guide: Liquid State E-Liquid — Orange Dream

The USA based company Liquid State packages their e-juice well. A red glass bottle which helps to keep the sun out and sufficient information on the label is great. Upon opening the bottle I was greeted with a smell that was familiar from long ago, but I just couldn’t quite get my finger on it.


I filled up my Herakles Plus and started to vape this e-juice. After the fourth draw it hit me, Orange Creamiscles! Yes, this tasted exactly like those Orange Creamiscles we used to get from the ice cream trucks. I just wish that I would have had more than the 15mL bottle to play with, as this was gone in less than two days.

The flavour does not die off either. I played around with my wattage settings using a couple of my RDAs. From 40W all the way up to 125W (my comfort level for now) the e-juice never lingered in flavour. In fact this wonderful Orange Dream never tasted burnt at all and it wicked splendidly.

I can safely say that this premium e-juice is so well made that if you are the type that for some reason goes above 150W for your vaping pleasure that this is an e-juice that will ride with you with no problems at all.


The BEST E Juice Guide: ELEMENT Limon + Watermelon Chill

ELEMENT’s E-Liquid comes in a blue glass bottle, which is very nice touch as it protects your juice from direct sunlight. The very informative label is not only packed with all the essential information you need but it also looks scientific too, which is actually rather cool.

The flavour is exactly as the bottle says: Limon + Watermelon Chill. With the Limon you are actually getting both a lime and lemon which is such a good combination in itself. Then they throw in the Watermelon, which just further adds to the good flavour making it a great all day vape.
Then to top everything off you are presented with this Chill which sits on top of everything — this is what really sets this juice off and makes the flavour combination of this e-juice so damn compelling.


I’m a stickler when it comes to a good e-juice and I must admit that this Limon +Watermelon Chill did not sound good to me at all. After vaping it I must say that this has found it’s spot on my e-juice favourites shelf.

I did try this with my tank and RDA using the wattage range of 40W-125W as I did with the other e-juice. Element performed just as well and at the higher wattages the flavour just gets better. This e-juice never once had a burn flavour too it. The wicking is very nice and allowed me to chain vape using my Herakles Plus sub-ohm tank. This e-juice can handle the higher wattage of the 185W as a friend of mine vaped it at for me to safely say this e-juice can handle it. I will be trying more from Element.


The BEST E Juice Guide: I Love Donuts by Mad Hatter

I don’t actually love donuts all that much, but I do LOVE this ejuice. I know — that’s weird. But I am a weird guy, so there you go. I came across this in a sampler box I was sent for review awhile back and, BOY, did it impress me.

I love the design of the packaging and I love the way the bottles look. Everything is spot on — just as it should be. This stuff ain’t cheap, but when you want the best, well, sometimes you gotta pay the dollars. This goes for ejuice, cars and wine, among other things.


I Love Donuts is mixed in a 60/40, PG/VG split, which makes it quite a bit hitter on the throat. There is TONS of flavour though and I’ve been getting massive clouds from this stuff using my TRITON 2.

If you’re a fan of sweet, smooth ejuice then you NEED I Love Donuts in your life. Simple as that. I got through a 30ml bottle in a couple of days; this stuff is VERY moreish. So if you do decide to take the plunge you might want to get yourself a couple of bottles because I can guarantee you will rinse this stuff in no time.


The BEST E Juice Guide: VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection

VaporFi got in touch a few weeks ago. I had a bit of back and forth with their rep, a lovely chap called Andres, and he shipped over a bunch of E-Liquid for yours truly to test out.

VaporFi is a pretty big retailer in the US. It makes all its own stuff: hardware, accessories, juice. They have a cleanly designed website, that’s not in the least hipsterish, rare these days, and stock a lot a focussed array of gear.

The approach here seems to be essentials. Essentials and attention to detail. So whether you’re after a powerful box-mod, a decent sub-ohm starter kit or just some new e-liquid, you’re pretty much covered.


The E-Liquid I received is VaporFi’s premium collection, which goes by the name of Grand Reserve E-Juice. And like a lot of quality E-Liquid these days, like the ones featured in our Best E-Liquid List, VaporFi’s Grand Reserve collection is all 100% free of Acetyl Propionyl and Diacetyl.

It’s also won awards too. The Catch Ya Latte blend won first prize at Vape Summit 2015, for example. Funnily enough, this happened to be my least favourite flavour of the six that feature in the collection. But that’s because I HATE coffee flavoured E-Liquid. Sort of like how I hate cola that isn’t Coke and Quorn burgers.

If you go for the FULL Grand Reserve experience you get six flavours: Meringue O Tang, Pineapple Pow (my personal favourite), Island Frost, Rainbow Custard, Cloud Candy and, of course, Catch Ya Latte.

The bottles are glass — see HERE to find out why this is important — and the flavours are beautifully crisp and complex. If I was being picky, which, let’s face it, I kind of am, I’d rather an 80/20 VG/PG split than 70/30 — it’d likely be a smoother all round vape.

Nevertheless, VaporFi has designed this E-Liquid for both lung and mouth hitters, as well as for use inside tanks, RDAs and cheap, over-the-counter setups. I’ve tried it on a variety of devices now, big and small, and the results are always stellar.


The BEST E Juice Guide: Halcyon Vapors

Sweet. Watery. Complex. Halcyon has a flavour for all occasions. Their range isn’t huge, but what it lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality.


The Grape Gatsby is one of our all time favourite flavours. Ditto Cran Chi, which is a sort of Lychee-based concoction that really hits the spot when you’re after something mellow and sweet.


The BEST E Juice Guide: RIPE Vapes

RIPE Vapes produce awesome ejuice in a variety of tasty flavours. All in there’s seven to choose from including classics like Key Lime Pie and more avant garde flavours like Pear Almond and Coconut Thai.


The company produces its eliquid to the highest quality and only uses the best, diacetyl-free ingredients to make its product which means you can vape with peace of mind that you’re only honking on the good stuff.


The BEST E Juice Guide: Element (US)

Another US brand here, Element. And what a collection of flavours this company has for you to get stuck in to. The company has a specific, mod-centric range of juices which goes by the name of “Premium Dripper Series” and is designed for use on higher-end box-mods with big tanks like the Aspire Atlantis 2.

The Premium Dripper Series has a higher VG composition for bigger clouds and a smoother hit. I recently sampled four flavours — Watermelon Chill, Crema, Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Whip — and, BOY, was I impressed. I also liked the price too (£10 for a 20ml bottle in my local vape shop).


Everything is pre-steeped too, so no waiting around for the flavours to develop. New favourite brand? You bet your ASS it is. Be sure to check this guys out. You WILL NOT be disappointed.


The BEST E Juice Guide: Space Jam

Popular. Tasty. And ALWAYS diacetyl-free, Space Jam ejuice is another brand you simply have to try.


It is a premium blend and comes in a variety of flavours like wild cherry and freshly pressed ripe limes. We FREAKIN’ love this stuff and so will you.


The BEST E Juice Guide: Motley Brew

Awesome branding and bottle design and flavours to match. What’s not to love?


Motley Brew is a name we only came across recently but it is one we will remember for a good long while, as it makes some of the tastiest flavours we’ve tried all year. Brew’s Brothers and Almost Famous are current office favourites.


The BEST E Juice Guide: WYZE

Coming in four quintessentially American flavours, WYZE is one of those juices you often see pros and vape shop assistants vaping. Well, that’s what happened to this scribbler anyway.


I entered my local vape shop, saw a huge, billowing cloud that smelled AMAZING. I asked the dude what it was and he said, “Parallax by WYZE”.

I order three bottles right there.


The BEST E Juice Guide: Propaganda

I LOVE the design Propaganda uses on its bottles and branding in general. The flavours are monstrously LARGE as well as completely unique.


Check out their website too — it’s rather mysterious and creepy. But in a good way of course. Plenty of tongue in cheek names and nods towards shadowy, esoteric cults abound both in the overall design of the bottles and the company’s branding, but also the names of the liquids themselves.

Propaganda Illuminati, anyone?


The BEST E Juice Guide: KINGS CREST – US

I was looking for something a little different in my local vape shop and the assistant suggested I try Kings Crest. He said the DUKE flavour was extremely popular, tasted amazing, and because of its composition (more VG than PG) was perfectly suited to my current setup (Sigelei 150W + UWELL CROWN setup).


I gave it a whirl and, minutes later, left the store with several 30ml bottles stashed safely in my bag. Kings Crest is utterly sublime, easily one of the freshest and tastiest juices I’ve sampled in 2015, and while there are quite a few comparisons to be made here – it really does remind me of a Ruthless juice – there is enough going on in your mouth when you vape it to really make this juice stand apart from the crowd.

Who’s this for? I’d say anybody and everybody, but especially for fans of Suicide Bunny and Ruthless. GQ had two other flavours in the store (Caviar, a coffee, frappe blend and, Eclipse, a kiwi-tropical mix) but I was so taken with Sin City I ended up tripling up on the stuff. ALWAYS a good sign.