VapeBeat Launches “Vape King” T-Shirt Line

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We just launched our first EVER T-Shirt campaign. It’s titled Vape King and you can pick one up RIGHT NOW

I’ve been taking about doing a T-Shirt line FOREVER. Not just any T-Shirt, but a T-Shirt that I would want to wear. I spoke with many designers over the past couple of weeks and eventually we came up with a simple, but effective design.

The idea was to try and create something iconic, something that you guys would like, want and wear with pride. This is our first T-Shirt campaign and for this reason we’ve done it in conjunction with T-Spring, but if all goes well we will expand the line and add more stuff in.

This is kind of a big deal for VapeBeat because up to now we’ve just been ALL about the website. The team had talked about a T-Shirt or something similar since day one, but it was only recently, after a great 12 months, that we figured we had the audience to do it.

You can check out a selection of the colour options below. Don’t fret if you don’t see a colour you like, however, as there’s TONS more to choice from inside the shop, which you can access HERE.

Vape King T-Shirt Vape King T-Shirt Vape King T-Shirt Vape King T-Shirt

The campaign closes on October 27. All orders will be shipped after this date. If we don’t sell enough to make it profitable, your pre-order money will be reimbursed immediately. We’ve kind of taken a KickStarter-approach to this in order to test the water.

The T-Shirts are made from the highest quality materials – American Apparel Crew, to be specific – and come in a range of sizes and colours. All you got to do is pick select the size you want, pick a colour and you’re away.

Once ordered shipping should take around 4 – 7 business days after the campaign finishes. Please note: this is a limited run, hence the time-frame, so if you want to secure your order make sure you pre-order right away.

Click HERE To Buy Yours Now.