The Vape Community Is THRIVING. Let’s Keep It That Way

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Vape Community, #vapefam and #vapelife — they’re ALL popular slogans online and inside social media, but I’m honestly curious who’s out there? The internet’s a big place and there are now more people interested in vaping than ever before. The topic of ecigs and vaping is often discussed on the news, bringing the subject to a wider audience. The downside here, though, is that much of the coverage is one-sided and very negative.

Amidst all the negative press and fear-mongering one might assume the entire vape industry is populated by con-men and dodgy Chinese companies operating outside any sort of regulation. But the reality could not be farther from the truth. There is a community out there and it is AWESOME. I know because, over the past 24 months, I’ve sort of become a part of it and most of the of the people, businesses and social networkers I’ve come across are friendly, approachable and always willing to help out. Because as we all know: vaping, at first, can be quite daunting.


Local businesses are an important construct in this equation and, depending on where you live, you’ll likely have a few of them around you. You need to support these mom and pop stores, because these are the places where people will look you in the eye and guarantee the product they’re selling to you is legit. Why? Because they HAVE TO: a bad reputation is lethal in retail, especially in smallish towns and cities.


Noone’s saying it’s inappropriate to spend 25$ on 120ml of some mid-grade liquid off the internet, its intelligent to keep an eye on finances. But when you want the good stuff, make sure you go to your local vape store and give them a chance before taking your business online. Brick and mortar shops mean jobs, and in this economy every job counts.

The vape community is a living, breathing organism — one that is currently growing at a rather awesome rate too. It is our responsibility to keep it alive and stick together. Go to your local shop, make friends, start a cloud competition or a DIY juice group for all I care! Just make stuff HAPPEN.

In 2016, maintaining his community spirit has NEVER been more important. A lot of people out there, most of whom work for the federal government and big tobacco, want to destroy vaping because, well, put simply, they cannot control it — the situation really is that dire and simple.

Clearly, these idiots didn’t learn anything from Prohibition.