Totally Wicked Fights Back Against The EU’s War on Vaping

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Vaping helps people stop smoking. Vaping is largely safe, science confirms this. Vaping means less strain on the NHS from smoking-related illnesses in the long term. And vaping has been proven time and time again to kill people’s addiction to cigarettes.

All of the above sounds pretty good, right?

Yep — less strain on the NHS, healthier people and less money going to Big Tobacco sounds like a big win-win type of scenario to me. But that’s just me. I’m not the EU. I like to think and do things logically. I call a spoon a spoon, for instance, or a frog a frog.

The EU isn’t happy with the way the vaping scene is developing, apparently. It doesn’t like all this freedom retailers and consumers have and it is now making a case to reclassify ecigs and ejuice under the same laws as traditional tobacco products — despite the fact THERE IS NO TOBACCO in them.

Yep, now you get where I was going with my spoon and frog point.

Thankfully, the UK vape scene isn’t going to take it lying down. Totally Wicked, one of the UK’s biggest ecig and ejuice retailers has confirmed it will be taking the fight directly to the bureaucrats in the EU in order to keep vaping alive and well in the UK and not taxed to death.

“The 1st of October will be a truly historic day in the history of vaping.  It will be a culmination of a battle that has lasted more than two years.  A battle between those who recognise the public health potential vaping offers and therefore wish to see vaping flourish under a robust yet proportionate consumer regulatory regime, and those who either do not understand vaping or see it as a threat to established interests and therefore wish to see e-cigarettes subjected to a disproportionate and inappropriate regulatory regime,” said Fraser Cropper, the Managing Director of Totally Wicked

He added: “Article 20 of the TPD would result in electronic cigarettes being subjected to a stricter regulatory regime than some tobacco products. Not only is this Article therefore disproportionate, we believe it is also contrary to established EU law. It is therefore vitally important that the CJEU makes a ruling on the lawfulness of Article 20. For the sake of e-cigarette users and potential users, it is crucial that our industry is allowed to mature within a proportionate regulatory framework, which supports appropriate controls and safety requirements, and necessary social responsibility and continues to provide consumer choice to maximise the enormous potential of these products. Article 20 of this Directive patently will not deliver this environment.”

Totally Wicked’s case is that e-cigarettes deliver to the consumer “clean” nicotine without the tar, carbon monoxide, and volatile hot gases of tobacco cigarettes. This “clean” nicotine contains only a fraction of the 7,000 chemicals contained in ordinary tobacco cigarettes. Delivery is through the act of vaping rather than through the combustion of tobacco and inhalation of smoke, as with conventional tobacco products.
Accordingly, Totally Wicked believes that e-cigarettes greatly reduce the risk of adverse health effects and death associated with smoking conventional tobacco. This risk reduction produces an obvious benefit to public health, whilst also satisfying a user’s strong desire for nicotine and the “behavioural” aspects of smoking.

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