6 Reasons Every Vaper NEEDS an RTA Tank In Their Life

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I’ve SEEN THE FUTURE and it was there ALL ALONG. Why You Need An RTA Tank In Your Life RIGHT NOW 

You NEED an RTA tank in your life. You just don’t know it yet.

RTA tanks and rebuilding coils might sound a bit, well, complicated. But in reality it isn’t. In fact, it’s really very simple and SO MUCH cheaper than running a standard sub-ohm tank.

Beyond this you get FAR better flavour from your e juice and much bigger clouds. I held off getting into the world of RTAs for too long, and that was a mistake. A BIG ONE.

There are some caveats that you need to be aware of, though…

RTAs can, however, be rather fiddly. There no way near as simple to work with as an RDA or an RDTA, so if you’re not all that experienced with building and wicking, I’d probably favour an RDTA over an RTA.

I do really like RTA tanks, as they tend to offer way more juice storage than their RDA and RDTA counterparts, but for those looking for an easy life, I do 100% recommend an RDTA over an RTA; they leak less and are a lot simpler to set up and use.

At the time of writing, these RDTA tanks are the best I have tested – I own all of the tanks on this list and all of them come highly recommended.

I’ve been using Coil Master for all my coil-building kit; things like specific screwdrivers, Japanese Organic Cotton, wire and the like. If you haven’t heard of these guys before, I strongly suggest you check them out — they’re brilliant!

I will NEVER go back to using expensive, pre-built coils ever again. I was spending a FORTUNE on these things as well!

I’m talking $15-$20 a week.

And for what? Worse flavor, the same use-life as a custom coil and smaller clouds? Utter silliness! But now I’ve learned my lesson.

And if you’re still not convinced, here are six points on why EVERY vaper NEEDS an RTA tank in their lives!

RTA Tanks Are SO MUCH Cheaper — You’ll Save A FORTUNE

I have a variety of sub-ohm tanks and I have been using sub-ohm tanks for years. My go-to setups are the TRITON 2, UWELL Crown and Herakles Plus. I have been using pre-built coils, which retail from anywhere to $10-$20 a pack for a measly five coils, which tend to last me, on average, about a week and a half.

Do the maths: that’s at least $40 a month for coils. That’s A LOT — especially if you could save 90% of it and spend it on better, more useful things like E-Liquid.

With an RTA you have two fixed costs to worry: 1) the RTA tank itself but, once you’ve bought this you’re done — and they retail for around the same price as a sub-ohm tank; and 2) the kit you’ll need to build your own coils, which includes Organic Japanese Cotton, which you can get by the boat-load for $2 and, of course, wire — again, you can get like 5m of the stuff for less than $10.

Once you have these you’re done. That’s it. No more cost — so, basically, you’ll have to spend about $12 every three months to run your RTA vs. $40 A MONTH to run your sub-ohm tank.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call a NO BRAINER!

Building Your Own Coils Is EASY — Like, Seriously Easy

Nick is a coil-building master and pretty soon we’re going to launch our YouTube channel and pack it full of videos about things like how to build your own coils.

Unfortunately for me, Nick lives in another country, so I had to learn how to build coils all by myself. If I’m 100% honest, this was the main reason why I avoided the subject for so long — I just couldn’t be bothered to learn a new skill, even if it’d save me a bunch of cash.

After some gentle nudging by Nick, I bit the bullet and bought an RTA kit and watched two YouTube videos — that’s right: all it took was two — and I built my first working coil with zero mistakes.

This is the video I used:

What I’m trying to stress here is that building your own coils is SUPER simple. I built my first one in less than 10 minutes and IT WORKED! And the process is so simple I could do it again without using the video.

They Last Just As Long, If Not Longer, Than Pre-Built Coils

How long do your Aspire, UWELL, Kanger or SMOK pre-built coils last? Usually mine are good for week, at best, and then they’re done — the flavour goes and dry hits ensue. But what makes this EVEN worse is that these little coils cost between $2-$3 EACH!

I know, I know — they’re convenient. This is what I always told myself. But it’s a lie; sure, they might be easier to install than a homemade coil, but they often crap-out if you get a dodgy batch, which happens ALL to often, and for what they are they cost a bloody FORTUNE.

Build your own coil and it’ll last longer than these pre-built ones. How much longer? That depends — my best is a week and a half. But when you consider all you have to do is change the wick on an RTA or, worse case scenario, the entire coil, this will cost you NOTHING as you’ve already got plenty of wire and a big ‘ol bag of Organic Japanese Cotton.

RTA Tanks Deliver Mega CLOUDS and Insane Flavour

The first hit on your first homemade coil is always a special moment and when you taste the flavour and a plume of cloud the size of Kansas comes out of your mouth you’ll KNOW you made the right choice.

I’m no cloud-chaser, but I do LOVE flavour and this for me is the biggest USP of RTA tanks. Flavour. They beat sub-ohm tanks hands-down for it — my juice tastes better than it ever has.

The insanely large clouds are just a bonus.

There’s TONS of Awesome RTA Tanks To Choose From

There are a variety of amazing RTA setups available. But my favourites, based on price, design and features, are as follows:

1.) Sense Herakles RTA

Sense Herakles RTA


2.) Wismec Theorem RTA Kit

Wismec Theorem RTA Kit


3.) Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank

Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank


4.) Griffin RTA by Geek Vape

Griffin RTA by Geek Vape


5.) Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA

Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA

Once You Go RTA You WILL NEVER Go Back

Trust me. Once you’ve built your first coil and vaped on it you WILL NEVER go back to sub-ohm tanks.

I wasted so much time avoiding this aspect of vaping, and every time I take a hit on my RTA it’s a cold reminder of how much I’ve been missing out on and how much money I’ve literally thrown down the toilet.

You will save a FORTUNE, right off the bat. And what you get in return is a new skill, better flavour, bigger clouds and a vastly superior vaping experience. Nothing compares to building your own coils, so if you don’t already do it NOW IS THE TIME to make the change!

Let me know how you get along in the comments below!


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Do it, DO IT NOW!