VaporShark DNA200 vs LAVABOX DNA200: Best Vape Mod?


Two of the most eagerly awaited box-mods EVER dropped in 2015/16, more less one after the other: the VaporShark DNA 200 and the LAVABOX DNA200. These things are the biggest and best box-mods on the planet right now — sort of like the iPhone and Galaxy S of the vape scene, if you will. There […]

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Are DNA 200 Mods Worth ALL That Money?


DNA 200 Mods: The Pros, Cons, Ups and Downs of Life With A DNA 200 Mods Like The Reuleaux DNA 200 and LAVABOX DNA 200 Recently I was very fortunate enough to acquire a few different DNA 200 mods. I was skeptical about using Escribe prior to my first and I was also unsure about […]

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The Best Box Mod UK Edition: BEAST MODE Mods!


Box-Mods are the way forward if you like power, control and plenty of safety options. Like a BMW 530D with an M Sport package, these box-mods look awesome and are fiercely powerful. There are hundreds of vape brands out there vying for your attention and money. Hundreds. And this makes choosing a setup all the more […]

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Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 Review: OMG It’s GOOD!


Reuleaux DNA 200 REVIEW Time! Everybody knows about the Reuleaux RX200. It is one of the most popular devices on the planet right now. And everybody knows about EVOLV’s DNA 200 chipset — the one found inside VaporShark’s DNA 200 mod. But did you know you could get a DNA 200-powered Reuleaux? Seeing that you’re […]

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