The War on Vaping is About MONEY –– NOT Your Well Being

vape pens and e-juice

The War on Vaping RAGES on… Smoking is bad. We all know this. But not so long ago –– like, when your grandparents were kids –– doctors had no problem giving cigarettes to patients in their care, apparently it helped with a bad chest. Go back to WW2 and you’ll see something similar: big tobacco handing out […]

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What BREXIT Means For Vaping in The UK

Best Vape Battery: Continuous vs Pulse Discharge Ratings

BREXIT has happened — the UK has opted to leave the EU. But what does BREXIT have in store for vapers? UPDATE: The UK has decided to leave the EU. This is a HUGE situation that will, in all likelihood, take several or more years to play out. The markets are all over the place, but appear […]

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How To Save Vaping In The UK: TAKE ACTION NOW


If you live in the UK and vape, this could well be the most important thing you read all week. As you might well be aware, a war is being waged against the vaping in the UK — one spearheaded by unelected, EU bureaucrats. This week is basically the 11th hour for the UK vaping […]

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