The Best Vape Tanks You Can Buy RIGHT NOW: All KILLER. No Filler

Horizon Krixus

These are the absolute best vape tanks we’ve tested, so if you’re in the market for a new vaping setup… well, look no further Best Vape Tanks 2017: Intro — What Makes A Vape Tank Great?  Tanks. Box-Mods. Decent quality, great-tasting ejuice. All of these things are becoming increasingly popular with consumers as vaping moves […]

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Herakles RTA Review: The Best RTA You Can Buy RIGHT NOW

Sense Herakles RTA

Herakles RTA by Sense is PHENOMENALLY good. Maybe even the best RTA tank you can buy right now. It’s TIME for the Herakles RTA — and, BOY, am I excited about this vape tank! And the reason for this is threefold: Sense make AWESOME tanks. Sense has NEVER made an RTA before I have a […]

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Best Vape Kit for Beginners: Avoid THESE Common Mistakes

Kanger Nebox TC

Best Vape Kit For Beginners? There’s A LOT to choose from out there. Make sure you start RIGHT If you’re seriously considering giving up smoking and are looking at vaping, first of all, CONGRATS, you’re doing the right thing –– smoking is a very real killer and, despite what the media say, vaping carries far fewer […]

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Herakles Plus vs. Herakles RTA: Which is Best Vape Tank?


Herakles Plus vs. Herakles RTA: Which is Best Vape Tank? The Herakles Plus and Herakles RTA need ZERO introduction. Both are exceptional tanks in their own right and both are testament to just how good today’s modern vape tanks are. I have both the Herakles Plus and Herakles RTA and I use them regularly as […]

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Aspire TRITON 2 Review: You NEED This Tank In Your LIFE

Aspire TRITON 2

Can the Aspire TRITON 2 top the original TRITON? Read our Aspire TRITION 2 Review to find out The Aspire TRITON was an aggressive-looking tank. Like an AMG-edition Mercedes, it just looked powerful, mean and dangerous. And I liked that about it — tanks are all so similar looking these days. It had go faster […]

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