Are DNA 200 Mods Worth ALL That Money?


DNA 200 Mods: The Pros, Cons, Ups and Downs of Life With A DNA 200 Mods Like The Reuleaux DNA 200 and LAVABOX DNA 200 Recently I was very fortunate enough to acquire a few different DNA 200 mods. I was skeptical about using Escribe prior to my first and I was also unsure about […]

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How the Reuleaux RX75 Cured My DNA 200 Addiction


The Reuleaux RX75 is SO GOOD it cured my DNA 200 mod addiction! If you read my our review of the Reuleaux RX75 then you’ll know just how much we loved this mod. Wismec is one of the biggest and best brands in the vaping space right now, and the Reuleaux RX75 is testament to […]

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