How To Look After Your Vape Tank & Vape Mod Correctly


A Guide For Proper Vape Gear Maintenance All too often I see people having problems with a certain tank, mod, ejuice, etc. I thought to myself how do they have all these problems? My gear NEVER lets me down and I have only ever had issues with a select few things, though, it must be […]

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Best Vape Battery: How To Pick The Best Type of Battery


What is the best vape battery for your mod? Is there a preferable type of battery to use in your mod? Does it ACTUALLY matter what type of battery I use in my mod? These are all good questions and, more importantly, they are ALL questions you should have answers to before purchasing battery cells […]

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Best Vape Kit for Beginners: Avoid THESE Common Mistakes

Kanger Nebox TC

Best Vape Kit For Beginners? There’s A LOT to choose from out there. Make sure you start RIGHT If you’re seriously considering giving up smoking and are looking at vaping, first of all, CONGRATS, you’re doing the right thing –– smoking is a very real killer and, despite what the media say, vaping carries far fewer […]

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Sub-Ohm Tank, RTA, and RDA Tanks EXPLAINED

Arctic Turbo Review

Sub-Ohm Tank, RTA, and RDA tanks defined and explained In this article I will explain the differences between the RDA, Sub-Ohm Tank, and the RTA. These are your three basic tanks options when vaping. I use all three types, for instance, but with RTAs and RDAs, for instance, there is an associated learning curve, meaning […]

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