UWELL D2 RTA: My Wants, Hopes & Dreams…


The UWELL D2 RTA is COMING… and I’m kind of excited UWELL is most well known for the UWELL Crown, a sub-ohm tank that needs no introduction. UWELL has released a couple of other tanks since first releasing the Crown, including a sequel, but none have captured the hearts and minds of vapers quite like […]

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Top 10 Instagram Girls THAT VAPE


Instagram Girls THAT Vape. Yep — this is a real thing Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the planet. You can pretty much find every type of person on there, from fitness enthusiasts to foodies — all niches and nuances are catered for. It’s also a great place if you’re into […]

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The SMOK TVF8 Just Blew My Mind! Initial Impressions


The SMOK TVF8 has been getting RAVE reviews across the board. And now I know WHY! Here’s some initial impressions of the SMOK TVF8 — AKA The CLOUD BEAST! I’ve had a rough couple of months with my RTAs. First came the LEMO 3, which turned out to be a useless piece of junk that […]

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Vaping is NOT a Gateway To Smoking — FACT

war on vaping

There is a WAR ON VAPING raging at present, but thankfully UK institutions like the Royal College of Physicians are waking up The war of vaping is real and is now in a very dangerous place for vapers and the vaping industry at large. Draconian legislation from both the EU and FDA in the US […]

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OMFG! My New OnePlus 3 is AWESOME!


The OnePlus 3 is an INSANELY awesome phone. Seriously consider this phone before you’re next upgrade! Just a quick, off-topic post here, guys — a note on the OnePlus 3 and how it’s made me fall love with mobile phone tech ALL over again I’ve been using iPhones for the past couple of years, but […]

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6 Reasons Every Vaper NEEDS an RTA Tank In Their Life

Sense Herakles RTA

I’ve SEEN THE FUTURE and it was there ALL ALONG. Why You Need An RTA Tank In Your Life RIGHT NOW  You NEED an RTA tank in your life. You just don’t know it yet. RTA tanks and rebuilding coils might sound a bit, well, complicated. But in reality it isn’t. In fact, it’s really […]

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UWELL Crown 2 Gets OFFICIAL with New “Bullet Coil”


The UWELL Crown was immense. But now there is a successor model — meet the UWELL Crown 2 The original UWELL Crown was, let’s face it, a game changer. Everybody who is anybody used it and raved about it in equal measure. The UWELL Rafale came after and was decent, but it failed to hold […]

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12 AWESOME Vape T-Shirts You Need In Your Life

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 15.58.51

Looking for an AWESOME vape t-shirt? Look no further Vape T-Shirts like novelty t-shirts are everywhere. You see people wearing them at expos, on the street and in vape shops. And a lot of the time these t-shirts are designed and sold by people in the industry — people like you and me. And that […]

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How the Reuleaux RX75 Cured My DNA 200 Addiction


The Reuleaux RX75 is SO GOOD it cured my DNA 200 mod addiction! If you read my our review of the Reuleaux RX75 then you’ll know just how much we loved this mod. Wismec is one of the biggest and best brands in the vaping space right now, and the Reuleaux RX75 is testament to […]

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